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I sent "Vicki" from West Texas the above image, courtesy of JDN.co.il. She saw it and shrieked: "That's the face I saw in my dream!"

Vicki had never been to Israel, but she knew how to describe Ben Gurion Airport and the road trip to Bnei Brak in exact detail. She even knew the streets that led to the Vizhnitz neighborhood and she was familiar with the Vizhnitzer synagogue and the Rebbe's tish (table).

* * *

Vicki spent her last dollars to purchase a one-way ticket from her home in west Texas to meet Rabbi Shalom Arush and me in Los Angeles, during one of our USA trips together. Vicki had lived a nightmare of a life; she could surely qualify as a survivor of her own private holocaust. Her father, a respected banker and town leader, was the ringleader of a group of pedophiles who abused their own children in the most unspeakable and unimaginable ways. He hid behind his façade of prestige, power and influence – a monster in a Botany 500 suit with gold-rimmed glasses.

When Rav Shalom first saw her, even before she opened her mouth, he had tears in her eyes. Vicki told him that she wanted to convert. Rav Shalom turned to me in Hebrew and said, "Give her my blessing for her successful conversion. She already has a Jewish neshama (soul)." When I told Rav Shalom that she didn't have enough money to fly home, he tearfully reached into his wallet and gave her the needed funds. "She has the soul of a Ruth," he said.

After we returned home to Israel, I received an amazing email from Vicki, where she told me all about this awesome dream she had. I write all about it here in "Vicki in Vizhnitz-land", my feature article in this week's brand new issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

My esteemed and beloved teacher Rav Shalom Arush says that when we're walking in the street, we should feel like we're in the midst of enemy territory and that a cruel foe lies in ambush. We must feel like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, the internet, gossip, sadness and depression are powerful land mines with sensitive trigger mechanisms that we don't want to detonate; therefore, we should stay far away from them, for they are liable to pierce and scar our souls, Heaven forbid. The more we regard these dangers as our enemies, the closer we get to Hashem. Read more in Honest With Ourselves.

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Enjoy, and have a lovely new week!



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thank you for the story may the rebbe live long! such good from such sickness !

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