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Tuesday, 11 July 2017


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Puah yiska

... With upmost respect R. Brody I have a question about attaining ahavas yisroel amongst yidden : iyh presumably our most common denominator as a nation is a belief in one g-d which is a solid beginning for building a relationship and then it's gets complicated meaning historically Moshe was our leader and when we merited entering Israel hashem divided up the land according to our tribes which introduces "individuality" and / or flavoring/ spices to the nation which seems like hashem divinly divided the nation and fast forwarding a bit along the way we lost our tribal identities and then reestablished our tribal identities with rabbeim which today looks like I'm breslev , I'm chabad, I'm etc .... And to me the fruit of this harvest is shown by the loyalty one gives/ shows their rebbe/ their leader. This loyalty isn't superficial because it seems to me each rebbes lineage traces a path leading to moshiach and each rebbes lineage to moshiach isn't matching so how does one reconcile this "appearant inability to brigade the gap" and become united and rebuild the Beis hamikdash? (I'm not a Torah scholar so this comment is from the heart) thnx!

Puah yiska

Typo on previous comment ( don't recommend editing on a hand held phone) brigade should be bridge ...

Rachel Richtig


It is actually the easiest thing to do!

Oh wait, its the she said, he said..........
Oh, a little of amnesia....(how women have a baby and its such a painful experience but somehow they forget and then have another one). We should be grateful for that because without it, there would NOT be any people.


Individuals are always different from one another. That does not preclude mutual respect and love. A man is different from a woman, yet they are commanded to bridge their differences and build a home together. The goal is loving Hashem and obeying the halachot, and it doesn't matter which Rebbe you follow to get there. If I have a pain in my neck, I could choose a massage therapist, a chiropractor, or an osteopath. They will each get me to the same final goal. Should I say that I like one of them, but dislike the others? Every person has 70 nations warring inside of themselves. Yes, that's hard enough to get along with. Then we have to get along with another persons seventy nations. We can do it because Hashem tells us we can. The unifying factors are love and compassion.


Does our Ahavat Yisrael extend to Ruth B. Ginsburgh and Elana Kagan who are busying themselves with destroying America from their autocratic position on the SCOTUS (US Supreme Ct.)? who have in the past attained their seats of power by showing how patriotic they are by seeing to it that Jonathan Pollard should spend the rest of his life in prison? Does our Ahavat Yisrael extend to "Jews" who have voted twice now for Barack Obama, knowing full well his position on G-d in public life and a united Jerusalem under Jewish sovereignty? Knowing full well that he started fundraising for his positions in public life in the Chicago living room of domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and international terrorist "Gaza Flotilla" Bernadine Dohrn at a parlor meeting scheduled by Bill and Bernadine? Yet, they voted for him twice and fully support the agenda of Obama, Ginsburgh and Kagan? Are we supposed to break as human beings with a modicum of common decency by loving such Jews? In short, is hatred for such Jews truly baseless?

comment on matzav


Kavod Rav,

May I paste a reply you emailed me to this very question some time back? :

The Mitzvah and obligation of Ahavat Yisrael is so important and I always had such a simple understanding/conception of it - to love your fellow Jew no matter who. However, there is this concept of the Erev Rav (the rabble-rousers who caused so much problems for Jews leaving Egypt) and it is brought down in Jewish sources that the Erev Rav are destined to be gilgul into era before Geula and possibly cause more issues for Am Yisrael.
There has been quite a bit of talk as of late on Jewish blogs/pages dealing with speculation who may be part of the erev rav category including in leadership roles etc..it seems there are those calling to have animosity toward individuals that are going against the Torah and their fellow Jews and identifiying certain traits as of the "Erev Rav" while calling erev rav not "true Jews".
The question, if it is a principle that the erev rav may be embedded in the Jewish people, are we to unconditionally love them too? Are we to view them as Jews? Does the mitzvah of Ahavat Yisrael apply to erev rav?
Also can Erev Rav do Teshuva? Does Rebbe Nachman's Azamra principle work on Erev Rav to influence them to teshuva or not?
Toda Raba your knowledge/insight is very much appreciated.


Erev Rav are the type of people that would kick a fellow Jew out of his home or give up parts of Eretz Yisrael - we don't have to love them, but they can do teshuva,. I pray that they do teshuva.
Warmest regards and blessings for a wonderful New Year 5772, LB

YK, Jerusalem

Thank you, Rav Brody, for posting this most important reminder to remove hatred from our hearts.

I would like to respond to a reader's question. After listing the very damaging effects to Am Yisrael from some public figures, the reader asks, "Is hatred for such Jews truly baseless?"

The short answer is 'no'—it's not baseless because, as you pointed out in your post, the public figures did do the activities that you mentioned. So, you hate them and you do have reasons.

The longer answer is quite different.

If you look carefully, you will notice that EVERY person who hates someone has a reason—it's NEVER baseless. There is ALWAYS a good, logical, sensible, bullet-proof reason why he hates someone! And if the person is "religious", he feels that he has HaShem on his side to boot.

I sometimes wonder if Shamay'im looks at us the way we look at these public figures. They're slapping their foreheads, so to speak, and screaming at US: "Don't they see what they're doing?! How can they be such fools?! Don't they realize the damage they're doing to themselves and the Am?! Why don't they wake up already?! HaShem, get rid of them!"

When we get to 120, HaShem will lay it clearly before our eyes how much damage WE did to His worlds! We'll sputter and stammer: What?! Me?! I thought I was doing the right thing?! I just wanted to help! I had no intention of damaging anything! And on, and on, and on...

Jews are to emulate HaShem. If we each take an honest look at our lives, we will note plenty of reasons for HaShem to be so disgusted and fed up with us and our foolishness. And yet, He doesn't hate us. Quite the opposite — He wants us to make tseuvah, He sends us messengers, He sends us teachers, He encourages us for every small step in the right direction.

We are here to emulate HaShem. The greatest, most loving, and most powerful thing you can do for the brothers that you hate is to pray that they do tseuvah.

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