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Monday, 07 August 2017


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Kalman M

Thank you.

Unfortunately, there's a partial lunar eclipse scheduled for tonight August 7th. (Visible in Israel; Maximum eclipse at 9:20 PM)

I think the Gemarah mentions that this is bad omen for Klall Yisroel.
What are supposed to do?


Thanks so much, Kalman - see our update.

Ira Machefsky

Thanks for the mention. Come down for a star tour! No charge for the amazing Rabbi Lazer Brody.

/Ira, The Starman of Mitzpe Ramon


Ira, I'd love to take you up on that. It's great what you're doing and I love both Israel's sky and the Negev anyway. G-d willing, we'll be in touch...


Great article. I am in America. I am Torah observant and I am listening to Judah. Thank you!

אורנה ניצבת

Do the math...sodomy, rape and bloodshed.
Warning for us to not follow the ways of gentiles and nations that lived here before us.

How clear a message must be?
Yerushalayim is the city of Hashem.
Am Israel is the nation that Hashem choose to serve HIM unconditionally!
In hollynes.
Marriage between us and Hashem is the will of Him on this Earth and the only way in TRUTH as a marriage between two soul mates, JEWISH HUSBAND WITH HIS JEWISH WIFE.
Moon and Sun.
Its time to DOSH.
Separate the klipot from CHITA.
We have to separate us from the gentiles and their ways to be holy.
ORAH ORAITA is the only answer.

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