Jerusalem's Ax of Judgment
Happy Love Day!

Birds of a Feather

Did you ever notice the uncanny similarities between US President Trump and Israeli PM Netanyahu?

  1. Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Netanyahu are under an assortment of investigations.
  2. Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Netanyahu have changed their opinions radically, especially in the matter of Jerusalem and settlements in all areas of the Land of Israel. Despite earlier statements to the contrary, building is virtually frozen in those parts of the Land of Israel beyond the 1967 border, which Israel recaptured from Jordan in the Six-Day War. Not only that, but building in Jerusalem's post-1967 neighborhoods is frozen too, an unfortunate phenomenon that has caused the housing prices all over Israel - especially in the religious communities - to skyrocket. 
  3. Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Netanyahu, who previously enjoyed good relations with Putin and Russia, have both had the red bear turn from friend to foe. With America, it's a dramatic worsening of relations and a new Cold War. With Israel, Russia has now placed combat forces on our Northern border.
  4. Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Netanyahu are suffering from aggravation from present and/or former close staffers.

There's more to say, but the above suffices.

What's behind all this?

The Torah tells us in this week's portion Ekev that the Land of Israel is under Hashem's personal supervision (see Deuteronomy 11:12), for she is the Land of Hashem's love (Malachi 3:12). What's more, Jerusalem is called "Hashem's city" and the Temple Mount "Hashem's sanctuary" (Tractate Berachot 44a). Hashem takes special care and interest for that which He loves so dearly.

Mr. Trump should ask himself two questions:

  1. Who put him in office despite the tremendous odds against him? and, 
  2. Why, after his initial popularity, are the tables turning completely against him?

Mr. Netanyahu would be well-advised to ask himself the same questions. Elul is almost here and it's time for soul-searching.

Emuna answers to the above questions are simple. The entire world, like it or not, revolves around Jerusalem and the Land of Israel. The Almighty put both Mr. Trump and Mr. Netanyahu in office to be loyal trustees of His beloved Land of Israel and His holy city of Jerusalem. When they fail to be trustworthy trustees of this treasured trust and even hinder the ingathering of the exiles by obstructing construction and development in all areas of the Holy Land, then they pay a dear price. This explains what we're seeing in current events today.

As you always hear on Emuna News, there is no such thing as coincidence - world events are Divinely orchestrated. This week is exactly 12 years since the Israeli Government, then headed by Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmart, destroyed Jewish settlement in Gush Katif (Jewish Gaza) and parts of Northern Samaria, unilaterally giving the land away in the fiasco known as the Disengagement. All the politicians who engineered this debacle were severely punished from Above. Sharon, after a terrible stroke, spent 8 years in a coma before he died. Olmart went to prison for a series of offenses. King Solomon says, "There is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9); in other words, history is repeating itself. I feel sorry for people without emuna, including both Mr. Trump and Mr. Netanyahu; if they only knew what was happening to them, they could rectify their wrongdoing.

It's not too late for both Mr. Trump and Mr. Netanyahu to repent and to make good on their original promises to promote the building of Jerusalem and Greater Israel. Will they? I don't think so. Both are choosing paths of political acrobatics and expedience. They should be aware though that acrobats sometimes suffer dangerous falls. Between emuna and acrobatics, they'd be much better off by choosing emuna. So would we all. Blessings for a lovely new week!


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The warning signs about Trump were there even before the election yet the religious community endorsed. He is a bully and by nature openly uncouth, vulgar and immodest yet the religious endorsed him any way. The religious community has some very serious soul searching to do after endorsing this man, and unleashing this unfortunate period in US history. Better you had not voted at all than you vote for a bully. A bully has no loyalties and will eventually turn against even those who supported him...


Just to echo the previous comment, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately there are some in the Torah community, even rabbis, who openly endorsed Donald Trump, even though his very serious character flaws were on display in front of the entire world. What could possess any Torah Jew to endorse a racist, xenophobe, potty-mouthed, unstable bully? Were you comfortable with him openly threatening and insulting Mexicans and other immigrants to the US? Were comfortable when he said he likes to "grab" women he liked, even if they did not want his advances, in a deeply personal place? Were you comfortable when it was exposed that his companies practiced racial discrimination against minorities in renting homes? Were you comfortable when it was exposed that his own father was a member of the KKK, an organization that openly hates and uses violence against Jews and Blacks? Were you comfortable when the accusations of collusion with Russia were creeping out into the media even before the election? Were you comfortable when he openly humiliated anyone who disagreed with him on social media? In spite of this, Torah Jews endorsed and voted for him any way.

What insecurity could possess ANY Torah Jew to endorse or vote for a man with such glaring character flaws? Did you think some miracle would occur at his inauguration that would change his character. A snake is always a snake. We are commanded to never side with the multitude to do evil. A racist, insecure demographic wanted this man elected because they want shut out any other group from any share of power in the US. Did you think that siding with white evangelical X-tians would protect us? Did you think that openly siding with people who hate minorities and the poor and would love to deny basic services that a state should provide all citizens (education, healthcare, security, right to vote, etc.) would bring us any blessing? They want our very souls and to destroy our way of life. Did you think that wishing this evil on others would not blow back on us? How dare any Torah Jew side with people who behave like this!

I have never seen the US in such a state of shock and confusion since Trump took power on January 20, 2017. Some of you even likened Trump to Cyrus the Great! Really? What an insult to Cyrus the Great! It pains me to say it but Obama was a better president. Shame on any Torah Jew who endorsed or voted for this man! Better you had not voted at all. You owe every American an apology! You also owe Israel an apology because this shame has fallen on us too.


HaShem can use whomever He pleases to further His plan. While I did vote, I could not stomach to vote for either a Trump or Clinton. However, I do respect that our Creator is working out His good will and no one can thwart His plan, not even Trump or Bibi! Baruch haShem!

David T

Natan You are overboard so swim for Shore on your own. Why not propagandize to your own choir. Learn to leave out those lies that expose your own agenda. KKK? Nathan Bedford Forrest, maybe but no 60's segregationist.A honest man surrounded by swamp creatures is far more likely. May we pray he finds the emmunah he needs to prevail.

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