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Tuesday, 01 August 2017


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In Hebrew love really does mean treating someone with respect, giving, etc - so essentially by behaving nicely we are practicing ahavat chinam.
What a concept!
And the recipe looks great! If I only had the loach to get up and make them!!!


Awww...but fasting is good for us, right? 馃槈 Lol.

I'm not a Jew, but I pray every day for Machiach to come! I so desperately want peace and love to rule this world and for all the pain and suffering to end. May it happen today, G-d willing! May everyone have an easy, blessed fast. Shalom. 馃檹鉂わ笍

P.S. My trick to not eating what I shouldn't is to not bring it in the house. 馃槒


Mir, you're totally right. The western version of love is not necessarily the Torah's version, which is what you're describing. Just because you're not googly-eyed over someone, it doesn't mean you don't love them!
And don't worry about the muffins - maybe I'll bring you some after the fast! ;)


Tena, if only I were half as spiritual as you!! You're amazing! The problem is that if I didn't bring what I don't eat into the house, the rest of the crew would be starving! lol And yes, fasting is excellent for kick starting the metabolism and letting the body reach the fat stores so it can start burning through them. If a person can fast once a week, they would not only help tremendously with weight loss, but they would be healthier too!


Hi Racheli my holy sister, warm greetings from gulus (Brooklyn NY). If you don't know by now this is your favorite Pizza Store owner Bigjude. Listen you know I support you in all your rants and tyrades-hope I spelt that correctly- but running a negative article about Baked Ziti and beautiful white flour baguettes is crossing the line , they are the very fabric of our holy Jewish culture and without saying keep a roof over Davids head when he's in NY.
But being that it's Tisha b Av I'm going to forgive you ( but only if you bake us a batch of those Yummy muffins and FedEx them to us Asap) -Regards from Barb and all the kids -And PS - tell David I'm very proud of him and thinking about putting that combo on the menu. I might even name it after him.....


My holy Brother from Brooklyn, may the Good Lord bless you that all of your delicious baked ziti, ooey, gooey, doughy pizza, overstuffed calzones, linguini with cream sauce, and insanely delicious six types of lasagna (did I miss anything?) should not add an inch to anyone's waistline, nor a pound on their scale. I don't have to bless you that they should be the most delicious, because I know they already are! Yes, please name the sandwich after David- call it "David's Baked Ziti Baguette!"
Also, are you coming to Israel this month? I need to order a new car and a 6-person jacuzzi. I'm really not kidding about that new car. I need to order tail light covers. Can you bring them??
And for y'all that are in the Brooklyn area, go and visit Big Judah at Pizza Time! Enjoy a huge slice of melt-in-your-mouth pizza and send me a picture!! There's no better kosher pizza in all of New York!


I can't vouch for brother Judah's doughy delicacies, but his salads are off the charts. He's definitely a landmark not only on Avenue J, but in our hearts too - Brooklyn's address for pizza and emuna. Prayers for your success, Judahl'e...

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