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Climate Conditions for Aliya

Aliya Climate
Under the smokescreen of headline-dominating world events such as the intercontinental ballistic missile threats from North Korea, the amusement park in the White House, and constantly rising tensions in our part of the world, few people seem to be paying attention to the imminent threats against Jews around the world, especially now, with the Temple Mount tensions as a convenient excuse for letting the Jew-hating demon out of the bag. The Jews of Turkey are under attack; if all of human rights under the foolish dictator Erdogan are at risk, then those of the Jews are ten-times endangered. It's time for them to leave Turkey and to come home to Israel. 18,000 of our fellow Jews are still there.

What do addicts and exiles have in common? Both groups are in denial. The Jews of Germany as late as 1938 claimed, "We're Germans first, then Jews - no one here will harm us." What a rude awakening they had. Today, the Turkish Jews are saying the same thing. They're assimilating faster and faster and even their Turkish-Jewish tradition is waning.

My own wife may Hashem bless her, who was born in Tel Aviv, is the daughter of Turkish-Jewish parents who came to Israel from Istanbul in 1948. My wife's parents stayed In Israel despite the tough conditions but their brothers and sisters returned to Turkey. Today, they are all intermarried and have no Jewish offspring left. So, in effect, my wife's glorious family who migrated to Turkey after being forced out of Spain in 1492, have been wiped out - in Turkey, but not in Israel. Here, we are privileged to raise new generations of emuna Jews, committed to Hashem, His Torah, our land and our people.

It's a hot summer for anti-Semitism but even a hotter summer for assimilation. Don't let that happen to your family. Come home while you still can. 


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Thanks for the article. But I would change your meter. Acts of physical violence in Great Britain against Jews are at a record high in 2017. Also, who knows how truly bad it is for Jews in Ukraine-they continue to be the largest country represented in Aliyah statistics due to the war over Crimea.


Thanks for your concerns for my community.
But i would sadly say that the problem we have is even bigger than asiimilation. Every single jew (including me) is considering moving out these days and mainly to israel but the biggest concern is livelihood. Which means lack of emuna (including me). I beleive this is a worst stage. Because when you asimilate it is like a death. But when you don't assimilate but have this kind of problem, it is like a paralelized patient...
Please pray for my community of great past to ger stronger in emuna asap...


@Nesim - if you can so clearly identify the problem, then you're way ahead of many folks!

You're correct that livelihood is the greatest obstacle to making aliyah. See Tamar Berger's article "The Big Boss" (http://www.breslev.co.il/articles/society/jewish_world/the_big_boss.aspx?id=29390&language=english).

She mentions Rav Pinchas Winston's book "Talking about Eretz Yisroel". I have that book - it's excellent! He specifically addresses the issue of livelihood and the role that emuna plays, so I recommend reading the book.

My aliyah 29 years ago was on the heels of massive layoffs in the country. Not knowing if I would find employment in high tech, I pack enormous amounts of canned and dry foods in my lift. And, if there were no jobs in my field, I could always clean houses. At least I wouldn't go hungry. I prepared for the worst, and HaShem gave me the best.

Beg and plead to HaShem for emuna and a desire to make aliyah. He won't refuse you on either count, but you have to get on His case! Pester Him and don't let Him off the hook. Take concrete steps, even small ones, toward aliyah. They all show your commitment and seriousness about following Him. That's what He's looking for.

The window of opportunity is closing fast.

May we SOON see you, your family, and your community here in Eretz Yisrael.


I suggest the good professor looks up the dancing boys of afghanistan on the internet,their he will find information about boys forced to entertain men in a depraved way. Before he points a finger at Jews he should look to the action of his co religionists.
I do not condone the proposed action in Jerusalem, however these are still Jews, and halacha requires we to to come to their defence in the event their life is threatened.
I do not always agree with things Rav Brody says, many times his writing( to me) indicates division in Judasism not unity, and can bring joy to our enemies(its a forum not just read by Jews) however should he need help/protection,I would be right by his side.
Shabbat Shalom.

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