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Emuna News Bulletin: Rocket Attack on Ashkelon

10 PM, Israel: An hour ago, Red Alert sirens were sounded in our (Ashdod's) neighboring city to the south, Ashkelon. One rocket, fired from Gaza, exploded in an open area outside of town. Thank G-d, no one was hurt. According to the ISIS media outlet "Amaq", ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. This is especially dangerous, since so many vacationers are now frequenting the area.


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Uilli Anderson

Rav Brody I pray intensely for your health and safety every day in my Hisbodedus times. I've only been praying consistently since the end of June and have experienced many incredible salvations and miracles. G-d's abundant blessings to you and your family, Uilli Anderson


Uilli, thanks so very much - that means a lot to me. Every blessing, LB

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