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Tuesday, 08 August 2017


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I thought you might be interested in this website full of beautiful prayers. They are both in Hebrew and English. Praying for, God willing, a speedy recovery.



Thanks so much for sharing, Heather! I'll look into them and post any updates as I receive them.


Refuah shelayma!


Oh no! So sad! I will pray too.
I have a very hard time with Emuna too when it comes to the suffering of innocent children and the helpless. I pray every day that HaShem will end it and bring peace to this world.
You are right, Racheli. We have no choice but to have Emuna and trust HaShem knows what He's doing and it's all for the best. What's the alternative? Becoming angry and bitter? G-d forbid!
May we all encourage one another in Emuna and HaShem's love and spread it everywhere we go, every day.

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