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Ax of judgment
The ink has barely dried on our post from yesterday Jerusalem Weeps, when we protested the Impurade and wrote, "We vehemently protest the public display that honors the transgression of Torah and in the strongest possible terms denounce the Government's condoning and support of it. This is not democracy, but suicide."

Imagine that the soul of Jerusalem arose to the Heavenly Throne and cried out, "Master of the Universe! Look what they're doing to me!" Such cries induce a swift ax of judgment. Yet, no one ever realized that the ax would fall so fast.

There's no such thing as coincidence in the world. While the Impurade was going on, a court document was "accidentally" revealed that Israeli Police are investigating Prime Minister Netanyahu on suspicion of bribery, fraud and breach of trust. Only a court of law can decide if the PM is guilty or not, but that's not the point here. For months already, all types of scandals include the PM's alleged fingerprints. So, why would things hit the fan just as the Impurade is going on?

Simple; the Almighty's justice works on a measure-for-measure basis. Do good and get good - the opposite also holds true here. So what's the measure-for-measure here?

While the soul of Jerusalem is crying, the PM didn't say a word of objection. "Aha", says the Ax of Judgment, "you cry not when Jerusalem is desecrated, now you shall have a reason to cry."

Jerusalem is not for sale, certainly not to debauchery. There comes a time when we are all held responsible for what we do or don't do. When it comes to Jerusalem, the ax of judgment falls fast. 


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FC Allen

Simple solution for government: announce that the impurade is scheduled for the "al-aqsa mosque" compound.

Just visiting

Not sure that this was so fast...

This parade has been happening annually since 2002...

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