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Tuesday, 22 August 2017


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Sarah Elbom

I am wondering how your husband feels after you describe him in the article... and now everyone know his real character.... lol... :-)

Will check out more about Ketogenic Diet..

And yes, it is true.. Be Careful what you ask for as you may get it! I asked for an Israeli husband and guess what!!!


Don't worry, Sarah, I'm just kidding around. He loves it when I poke fun at him, especially if I'm making fun of myself too! ;) The keto diet is not easy to follow, so if you want to start out with something easier and still see good results, check out the LCHF diet. Go to dietdoctor.com, one of my favorite sites on it. I use intermittent fasting in combination with the LCHF or keto diet, and that's partly why I lost weight. But don't forget! You need to exercise too! ;) Send your husband my regards!


Dear Racheli,

I'm sorry to say this but I thought someone should. I seem to recall previously when reading about shimrat halashon, that one should not make fun of another person (even if they agree to it), nor even say negative things about ones self. It does not matter if both you and your husband find it funny and agree that you post these things, it doesn't matter if they aren't even really true (which I'm sure most of them aren't). Additionally, I also once learned that R Nachman said something regarding humor that it shouldn't make fun of people. I highly recommend that you discuss these issues and how to go about your blogging, with Rav Arush. I'm sorry I don't have more precise quotes for you on the halacha, but I'm sure Rav Arush will be aware of them.

Certainly better adherence to halacha will help Emuna Outreach reach out even better and further bzrat Hashem.

Rav Arush and Rabbi Brody do such any amazing job of spreading Emuna, it pains me to see a deficiency in halacha that could be holding them and the rest of "breslov Israel/Emuna outreach" from doing as well as they could be.


I made a word cloud out of your last 5 posts, Racheli!
I'm very proud so I thought I'd share it with you! (OK it's not the most creative looking thing, but I'm learning... :-)



Feigy!! You're AWESOME!! I LOVE it! It's so funny, because I didn't know what a word cloud was when I read your message! lol I'm just proud of myself that I thought to copy and paste the web address you gave me! You are super creative!! Keep it up!! (And send me more!) Thank you so much!!

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