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Natural & Spiritual Remedy for Acne

Baby complexion
Several of our readers have expressed their desire for more emuna health and fitness posts. They're in our holding pattern, and I'd love to find the time to make a new set of Emuna Fitness Vids, but in the meanwhile, here is an effective natural & spiritual remedy for acne. Here it is:

First of all, be very careful not to say a bad word about anyone - no matter what - even about those that hurt you, G-d forbid.

Second, don't eat any fried foods. Don't eat any milk products that contain more than 5% fat.

Third, eat only whole grains and brown cane sugar - no white flour or white sugar.

Fourth, stay far away from junk foods and processed foods, especially smoked and preserved meats. No more pizzas!

Fifth, discontinue the creams and pills, and all other medications. Don't squeeze pimples, because that only increases inflammation and infection.

Sixth, eat lots of lettuce leaves and sunflower seeds. Vitamin E is good for the skin.

Seventh, wash your face with a gentle baby liquid soap. Keep your hands and your hair off your face.

Eighth, water washes away impurity from the body. Drink plenty of water, but no softdrinks and certainly no alcohol.

Ninth, Vitamin A shortage triggers acne. Snack on fresh carrot sticks or drink fresh carrot juice.

Tenth, ask Hashem to heal your skin, but thank Him for the problem because everything He does is for the very best!

With Hashem's help, your skin will clear up fast, G-d willing. Tomorrow, I'll give you a fantastic substitute for expensive skin creams - don't miss it!