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North Korea to Syria, the Axis of Atrocity

Gas masks Ashdod
Above image - gas masks in a civil defense distribution facility in Ashdod, Israel

A few hours ago, Reuters reported that two North Korean shipments to a Syrian government agency responsible for the country's chemical weapons program were intercepted in the past six months, according to a confidential United Nations report on North Korea sanctions violations. The report gives no information as to who intercepted the shipment and what the shipment contained.

South Korea, Japan and Greece have good track records in intercepting the many of North Korea's sinister shipments.  But, as the tragic photos and videos of chemically burnt, choked and suffering victims that have emerged from the Syrian Civil War have shown, not all the shipments have been seized.

As EmunaNews reported last week, North Korea is not only helping Iran in building Syria's missile-production plant but, as USA Today reports, North Korea has also assisted with Syria’s weapons of mass destruction, in particular, chemical weapons. In attempting to outsmart the interception of death-weapon imports from North Korea, Syria now has three of its own chemical weapons plants in Masyaf, in Hama province, and at Dummar and Barzeh, both just outside Damascus. The plants use at whole or in part technology, raw materials and hands-on assistance from North Korea. This is additional evidence of what we also wrote recently that North Korea's real target is Israel. If they cannot hit us directly, they are working day and night via their proxies in Iran and Syria.

Human rights in North Korea is not only one of the worst on earth, but one of the worst in history. North Korea has no regard for its own human lives, so you can imagine how destroying the rest of humanity means nothing to that atrocious regime, the world's prime agent of atrocity export.

Russia and Iran are fully aware of and even condone and abet Syria's missile and chemical production. They even know, what few will tell you, that Bashar al Assad - who rivals Kim Jong Un in cruelty - is still striving for nuclear capability. Intelligence sources are well-aware of a concealed underground location just west of the city of Qusayr, not even two kilometers from the border with Lebanon, which visibly is a Hezbulla weapons depot, is really a new nuclear plant under construction with the help of Iran and North Korea.

The question that many ask is, if we know about the death-weapons factories in Masyaf, Dummar, Barzeh and Qusayr, who doesn't the USA or Israel bomb them off the face of the earth?

The answer is simple - that could trigger the outbreak of World War III. Such a strike would risk Russian and Iranian retaliation as well as arouse the frenzied tyrant from Pyongyang.

So what will happen? Must we wait until Syria's atrocity factories are complete? My esteemed and beloved teacher Rabbi Shalom Arush told me that every person who strengthens him/herself in emuna foils Syria's and North Korea's plans. They have no defense against our secret weapon - emuna. How? Emuna invokes enhanced Divine Providence and protection.

Our beloved and vigilant Father in Heaven guards over us in mind-boggling compassionate Divine Providence. Hashem performs miracles by way of the Israeli Intel services and the IDF, both of whom have been performing daring missions that few no about. Rest assured that the countries who have intercepted North Korean weapons shipments weren't acting on the strength of their own intel. But, if Hashem so decides, He doesn't even need the Israeli intel, navy or air force. The weapons factories in Syria just might self-destruct in a work accident or suffer a seismic tremor that crumbles them. Hashem can do whatever He wants whenever He wants

Since "The Guardian of Israel never sleeps and never slumbers" (Psalm 121:4), our gas masks are still up in the attic collecting dust. Thank You, Hashem!

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