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North Korea, Who Are You?

There is a fierce debate among our sages of the Talmud as to who will win the war at the end of days between the US and its allies and Iran and its allies. Yet, no one argues that there will be a global conflict between them.  If we open Tractate Yoma to page 10a, we find that Rebbe Yochanan says that Iran will win, but Rav says that the USA will win. Both bring earlier sources, even prophecies, to support their arguments. Who is right? Both are.

There is an ancient Talmudic law, orally passed from teacher to student: whenever the sages in this world below argue a point, the same debate is going on in the Heavenly Court above. Since the Heavenly Court has not yet reached a decision, it's still up for grabs.

Our sages tell us one other thing: it doesn't matter what the nations do, it matters if the Jews do teshuva or not.

Iran, though, is too clever to duke it out with the USA on its own. It needs help, both upstairs and downstairs. Downstairs, in this world, Iran's main ally and nuclear bedfellow is North Korea. Upstairs, it has a special ally - the Angel of Death. Would you like to know who the Angel of Death is? Look at this gematria, which Hashem put in my head earlier today:

North Korea in Hebrew is צפון קוריאה - gematria 548

The Angel of Death in Hebrew is מלאך המוות - gematria 548, exactly the same as North Korea!

North Korea is the manifestation of the Angel of Death, and the trigger to World War III. If that's not enough, Lamentations 4:18 says, "Our end is near" - this is a prophecy of the end of the non-emuna world, the world as we know it today. In the original Hebrew, the verse says קָרַב קִצֵּנוּ - the gematria of this passage is - you guessed it - 548 as well.

The outcome of current events depends on whether we strengthen ourselves in emuna or not. Everything else is a folly. If you're trying your  utmost to get close to Hashem, smile - you have no need to worry.


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Amazing, the sum of the gemetria numbers equals 17, 5+4+8, one less than Chai!

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