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Protect Yourself and Protect Israel: Pidyon Nefesh

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Don't wait until the last minute! Pidyon Nefesh is a very special and powerful prayer and blessing that has the spiritual strength of a sacrifice in the Bet Hamikdash (Holy Temple) to atone for sin and to mitigate severe judgments. As such, families who desire to invoke Divine compassion and sweeten harsh judgments make a special effort to do a Pidyon Nefesh some time during the month of Elul in preparation for the awesome Day of Judgment on Rosh Hashana.

The "Pidyon Nefesh" - translated, "Redemption of the Soul", is charity money used for saving other souls and bringing them closer to Hashem, like Rabbi Arush does with Emunah Israel-jordan Outreach, spreading emuna all over the world. This invokes phenomenal Divine compassion on the donor and on his/her loved ones. Here in Israel, Rabbi Arush makes sure that every Israeli soldier who so desires can attain emuna books and CDs at no cost to him (photos above and right, from Jordan border) - you have no idea how powerful this is. When you help protect Israel and its soldiers, Hashem protects you and your loved ones - measure for measure. Emuna Outreach, as you see in yesterday's post, goes way outside Israel's borders as far as US Troops in Afghanistan and Korea, to prison inmates in Israel, Canada, the UK and USA, all of whom seek a welcome a shot of spiritual encouragement.

Any amount is acceptable with a recommended $180 per family or equivalent; for a Pidyon to be especially effective, one should give with dedication. One cannot hope for a major salvation without giving to the limits of one's capability. Donate to Emuna Outreach and Rav Shalom Arush will do your pidyon nefesh for you; your contribution is US tax-deductible and you'll be our full partner in spreading emuna, especially where it's needed most. Blessings for an inscription in the Book of Life for a wonderful New Year 5778.


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