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Rav Shalom Arush: They'll Push Buttons, But Nothing Will Happen

With all the turmoil in the world, I sat down with my esteemed and beloved teacher, Rabbi Shalom Arush (image above, when he was speaking in LA and I was translating for him), may Hashem bless him with good health and length of days, to hear the clear voice of Da'at Torah, the proper Torah outlook and perspective on current events. Here's what he says about the top-trending news:

US and North Korea: "As Moshiach gets closer, Hashem is beautifying the world more and more. We see this with our own eyes. Hashem is building the world and beautifying the world. As far as the leaders of both countries who threaten each other back and forth, Hashem is laughing at them. They can go ahead and push buttons, but the buttons won't work."

Iran and Hizbulla's threats against Israel: "If the USA's and North Korea's buttons won't work, then neither will Iran's or Hezbulla's."

Terror in Spain and in the rest of Europe: "We deeply mourn the victims of the terror attacks and send our heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims. The terrorists come in the name of their evil, dark-side beliefs. The only way to fight them is with emuna, with true faith. This is the message for all of us, to strengthen our emuna to the extent that the light obliterates the darkness."

Charlottesville and racism: "Hashem loves all His children, irregardless of their color or race. To hate a person because of color is to hate the Creator Who created that person. Therefore, all the racists, no matter what religion they may profess, are far away from the Creator. To be a rascist, one must be a heretic, arrogant and totally devoid of emuna. The proof of equality among all men is that we are all obligated by the mitzva of emuna, to believe in Hashem. This is the same for non-Jew and Jew, for black, white or any other color."

Gog and Magog: "Both Rebbe Nachman and the Chafetz Chaim said that Gog and Magog would be a spiritual war, but a terrible one. The Evil Inclination has never been stronger in history, and by way of technology and the mass of online abomination, it is spiritually murdering people and tearing them from Hashem, Heaven forbid. Gog and Magog are the chatrooms, the texting, the screens and social media that render people zombies, unable to think, communicate or read. It's destroying families. People walk in the streets and dangerously drive their cars while their eyes are glued to their screens. They're addicted to texting and email, checking their smartphones every 30 seconds. This is Gog and Magog. The only way to fight this war is to get the screens out of our lives and to return to emuna, Torah and prayer. Few people will heed me, even in the religious world, because they're so badly addicted to the venom of their smartphones. I feel so sorry for them and the excuses they make to keep them. I pray that Hashem will have mercy on them."

Moshiach: "He'll conquer the world with his prayers, without firing a single shot."

EMP: "Don't worry about it. If Hashem wants someone to have lights in their home, they'll have lights." 

Politicians and International Leaders: "Only Hashem decides, and the fate of the world is in His hands alone."

Surviving this Generation: "Strengthen yourself and your family in emuna. If you want the best protection of the best insurance policy in the universe, help spread emuna. That's what we're all here to do and that would really beautify the world." 


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Annette Gaustad

If the internet+++ is Gog and Magog... how could it be, that you are active on Facebook and with a blogg? Is it possible to use the evil for the good? I am not one of the very active users of the modern media, but of corse my children can see me, reading something on the PC your blogg or one of the lessons from David Kraus. I think it is difficult then to say to my children, that the internet is evil, but Mummy just reads the right sides...
What is your point of view?


Thank you for your comment, Annette. Yes, just as our esteemed brothers and colleagues from Aish, Chabad, and Hidabroot are on the web, so are Breslev Israel and Lazer Beams, in order to provide an emuna-oriented and Torah-outlook alternative to all that's out there in the cyber jungle, as well as for those who live far away from the centers of Torah learning and Torah-observant communities. Every blessing, LB

Kenny Jones

Thank you for the wonderful reminder of Hashem's goodness to all who put their hope in Him


Plenty of other Torah scholars do not think like r arush.

He's a good cheerleader if that's what you want to hear.


Thanks for this post!

As Rav Arush himself says, "He who fears One, fears no one". May we look ONLY to Him in these troubled times.

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