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Isn't this a gorgeous picture? So romantic, right? I took this picture yesterday on the coast of Netanya, one of the most beautiful cities in Israel. The scenery looks romantic, but I can tell you it was anything but a romantic moment when I took this picture, because the kids were fighting all around me and I was struggling to hold three bags of sand-laden towels and clothes. 

It's funny, but Netanya looks a lot like Miami Beach. Most of the buildings on the coast are brand new, with the same modern architecture that you'd find in South Beach. Actually, there's a South Beach here, too. The rest of the coast of Netanya looks like Miami Beach from 30 years ago. They even have a Lincoln Road equivalent. From 30 years ago! Including the old people that just sit around and people-watch as they clutch onto their little rolling shopping carts that they use for their grocery shopping. It's so cute! The good news (or maybe not) is that I haven't seen any night clubs along the coast. I did see miniature golf, though. 

So we're in Netanya for the week! Yay! I got out of Bet Shemesh!! Can I get a little Mazal Tov? I haven't been to the beach since we left Miami six years ago. Six years! Not normal for someone who lived two minutes away from the beach! 

The craziest part is that I haven't been on vacation in more than six years! The last time I went on vacation, my third son was about six months old and we took the family to Disney World. Not exactly a vacation if you ask me. So this trip isn't exactly a vacation either, since we're not staying in a hotel, and I still have the kids with me. And David. I still have him with me, too. Which means I have to cook. And do laundry. 

BTW, he's gonna kill me when he reads this, but I just have to say that I've never seen whiter legs in my life. His legs are so white, they camouflage against the wall. Dude, where your legs been all these years?? I came up with a great nickname for him: Chicken White Legs. I think it sounds a little like an American Indian warrior name. 

Greetings, Chicken White Legs! Halt! Get thy self away from your computer and into a tanning booth at once! 

Today is the 15th day of the month of Av, which is known as the Day of Love. You can scroll down to read Rav Brody's post about it. Fascinating stuff! I suggest that after reading his post, make an extra effort to share the love with others. Be extra nice to your friends and kids. Give a warm smile and a genuine greeting to others, especially people you work with. Husbands, buy your wives flowers. If you can manage to take her out tonight, by all means, do it! You can also buy your wives chocolates, as long as they're sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, low-carb, and seriously delicious. 

So we're having fun here, enjoying the Day of Love with some fine wine, a romantic sunset, and five kids throwing muddy sand patties at each other in the background. Good times.

Wishing you a wonderful, love-filled day!




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Racheli, you are too funny! I love reading your posts!!! :-) Out loud laughing....love it!!!
Enjoy your vacation!


Thanks so much, Nava! Your comment made me laugh!


Ha ha ha! You are so funny!!! I love this post. Sounds like a lovely place! And such a beautiful photo. 馃槃鉂わ笍


Thanks so much, Tena! It's a really beautiful place here. Being by the coast and gazing at the water is such a spiritual experience, isn't it?

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