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Sunday, 13 August 2017


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you quoted bereshit raba, but perhaps you meant yalkut shimoni?


8 years ago on the first day of Av (Wed, 22 July 2009, the beginning of the 9 days) 5769 a solar eclipse was seen over seoul, south korea. Conversely, in 8 days from now, on the other "side" there will be a solar eclipse on the final day of Av



There is also supposed to be some kind of financial issue on August 21st!




Goguryeo is pronounced Kukoriya.

HGeorge Secher

Be weary of literal interpretations, and prognostications, a focus revolving around the Jewish people in isolation., as well as reading to much into what is meant as lessons in spiritual principals.


The Torah Says, Tamim Tiyeh Im Hashem Elokecha. Rashi says one should refrain from looking to the future and trying to figure out Gods plans.


It's tempting to look at current events as political upheavals and social unrest. In reality, these events are urgent reminders from HaShem for us to strengthen emuna and our connection with Him. HaShem is doing us a tremendous chessed by sending us these frightening events.

The point is not to predict when, who, or how the final days will unfold. The point is to prepare ourselves. Time is running out fast.


If They Would Go To GOD For HIS INSTRUCTIONS...........There Would Be A Lot Less Destruction...When Man's Folly Reaches Its Extremity .....GOD With HIS POWER Is In Close Proximity............ CALL ON HIM............(Before They Call I Will Answer..Isaiah 65:24)...HESED

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