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The new month of Elul began a few days ago (actually, I have no idea how long ago,) but I didn't have a chance to post this incredible video until now. It's a video of thousands of men praying at the Kotel for the first night of Selichot. This is an additional prayer service in which we ask Hashem for forgiveness, both for our personal and collective transgressions. It's said between the time of midnight and sunrise.

We also say it in groups, because Hashem loves unity. He loves when we all act like we actually respect each other and work toward a common cause. When we're unified, Hashem is much more inclined to answer our prayers. It's not like He doesn't want to in the first place! It's just that when we all fight and treat each other like garbage, why should Hashem answer our prayers? We're being bad, bad children!

I can totally relate to Hashem, because when my kids aren't killing each other, I'm more likely to take them fun places and spend way too much money to buy them stuff they really don't deserve. 

Sephardim begin saying selichot on the first night of Elul, and Ashkenazim start saying it 10 days before Rosh Hashanah. 

In my opinion, we should all be saying it every night, because we got a whole lot to apologize for! (Except for me, of course! NOT!)



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Beautiful sight and sound!


Thanks so much, Janice!


Oh my! This gave me goose bumps! SO beautiful and powerful! Thank you for sharing! ❤️❗️

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