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Thursday, 03 August 2017


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Luana Goriss

Excellent article. May Hashem have mercy. May His righteousness be revealed.


I think the Arab professor is being extremely disingenuous.

He rhetorically asks:

"...Such a repulsive display of abomination could never happen in East Jerusalem. Yet on the Jewish side of town, not a single voice of objection is heard. Why?"

He knows *exactly* why, and it has NOTHING to do with fear G-d or being proud of religion.

It has to do with the fact that over in East Jerusalem they're Vilde Chayas who'd think nothing of slaughtering a Jewish family walking down the street. Most of East Jerusalem is full of radicalized Islamists that have a well established track record of lynching, stabbing and shooting.

There's no parade in East Jerusalem is because the locals will lynch the participants. This Professor isn't standing up for his religion; he's standing up for radicalized homicidal Islam.

We have nothing to be embarrassed of, and as much as I don't think this parade should take place, I'm proud that we're not the murderous horde they are.




Thank you SO MUCH for this very clear article. I also was asking myself why we are silent. It's as if we are afraid to stand up to this abomination. Speaking for myself, if I would speak out against this at work, I would be fired for not supporting "diversity".

It is humiliating to think that Jews pass laws to permit this anywhere in Eretz Yisroel, much less in Jerusalem.

The professor does have a point. Imagine this scene: The Beit HaMikdash with the Levi'im and Cohanim, the Cohen HaGadol, smoke from the sacrifices on the alter rising to the heavens ..... and the roar of the Gay Pride Parade marching outside down the street. There's no way that the Beit HaMikdash can tolerate that!

It's true that we're not the "murderous horde" going after the LGBT community as the Moslems would do. But in our case, this public display of debauchery is like a murderous horde going after US. There will be severe repercussions on all of us, not just the LGBT community.

Cletus Okoro

This is really interesting

F Callen

Let's not call them the "LGBT community" – they are individuals totally without issue. Yes, we must assist them when asked. No, we must not legitimise their game.

Esther Rachel Z. R.

I am very glad that you speak out about
events, when others are remain silent (afraid).
These are very serious situations with obvious consequences.
May we do much more to influence our
government by Torah law, everywhere.


Israel must return to God! The Jews who love God are few ... Israel is way too secular as Europe! Look at the USA where Christians are trying to be a loud voice for God, yet the secular liberal left is an oppressive voice of the spiritually dead, as in Europe, and in Israel as well as all other Western countries. The secular world has been given over to their own depravity as God said would happen in the last days...These are here .... Make no mistake Messiah will return ...SOON!


Amen I too agree with The Torah.

Yisroel Tzion

Why did you post the obvious xtian comment from Shirley. Please remove.
Kol tuv
Yisroel Tzion


"Every human has the right of free choice," but all Jews are connected one to the other, so if there are Jews eating ham and cheese sandwiches with their same sex partners, this would be doing unimaginable spiritual harm to the entire Jewish nation.

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