Parshat Ki Tetze: Mixed-Gender Units, Yes or No?

A Woman's Praise

What can a woman truly be proud of? Do you think that you're praiseworthy because some stranger on the street whistled at your good looks? Rav Shalom Arush shows how women can merit lasting blessings and true prestige. Enjoy this and have a lovely Shabbat!

And don't miss Racheli's post below! You'll never believe what she did this time!


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Mordechai Lewis

With all due respect, men should not be talking about women dressing modestly. That's a Rebbitzin's job.

Read Outside Inside by Gila Manolson.


Rav Shalom really is the best. So thankful for his compassion. He talks so fast! My mom and I laughed at ourselves when we had to pause to get a good look at the translations and not miss a line :)

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