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Thursday, 07 September 2017


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Yehonatan Easton

Triple Trouble for Hurricanes -- Jose and Katia have joined Irma.


Mordechai Lewis

R’ Elazar ben Avina tells us, “Misfortune comes to the world only on account of Israel..." (Yevamos 63a, see Rashi “בשביל ישראל” and Rashi to Shemos 7:3 “ואני אקשה”). The Meiri says, “If misfortune rains upon the Jews themselves, they should assume responsibility for the tragedy...” (Artscroll Yevamos 63a, note 44).

Therefore, when the nations of the world blame us for their problems, let's stop accusing them of making anti-semitic remarks and realize that we are "a stiff-necked people" (see Shemos 32:9; 33:3, 5 and Devarim 9:6, 13) who don't want to submit ourselves to our Creator's Will.

As Rashi says, “They turn the hardness of the back of their necks toward those who admonish them and refuse to listen” [(Shemos 32:9). see also Rashi to Shemos 33:3)].

Ms. Jan

I appreciate all the Jewish works, Talmuc, Grammara - however, even the nations who have attached themselves to HaShem, and study Chumash, have been given ears to hear and eyes to see. It's very clear with eyes of Emunah. Thank you Rabbi Brody. Everyday there's been a reason, an emergency to be out in the fields sounding the shofar.


Awesome broadcast!

Thanks so much for giving us the 'emuna scoop' to the news. It's so easy to just stop at the headlines and not go any deeper.

As of this writing, Irma has strengthened to Category V. An 8.0 earthquake has hit the coast of
Mexico and tsunami warnings have been issued for that area.

May we all feel the urgency of returning to HaShem.

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