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Tuesday, 12 September 2017


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דניאל אורלובסקי

May Hashem grant successful journey and wonderful holidays for all travelers to Uman and for theirs' families.

Tzippy Erblich

Hurray! My son is there and I was so worried. Thank you!


I just cam back from Uman and apart from 4 Military trucks on the Kiev Uman Highway didn't see a single soldier. It was very quiet.


I'm sending my husband for the first time - thank you, Rabbi Brody for the reassurance.

Dave Sabatene

For some strange reason, no one has rationally addressed the issue of the safety of the sheer numbers of people in Uman under the category of not to rely on miracles. I can only imagine if chas veshalom someone were to desperately need medical help in the vast crowds on Erev Rosh Hashana or in the shul, etc. what could happen. Or for that matter, what kind of safety and security regulations are in effect in Ukraine in the construction industry. As long as ordinary people live in this physical world, we have to relate to the facts of day to day life, and nishmartem es nafoshoseychem.


During WWII for most of the war years, the Hungarian Jews went about their business as usual. It was during the last years of the war that the trouble started. I can respect Rav Arush's encouragement, but he is not everyone's Leader. Let us pray that we all welcome Moshiach soon together, wherever we pray.

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