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Photo from Racheli Reckles (10)

What a gross picture. David took it. I always tell him he's a terrible photographer, especially when I have him take a picture of me. For some reason they always come out terrible. This picture makes it look like I live in the slums. In case you didn't know, my washer and dryer are outside because who the heck needs a washing machine in their kitchen? What, the kitchen wasn't small enough when they built this house? Oh, and a dryer? Like, what's that? Thank G-d I have one! In Israel it's a luxury because electricity is so expensive.

TODAY, finally, I got my washing machine back!! That's a week and a half without a washing machine! Insane!! I had to send my laundry out twice and pay crazy prices. Not only that, but the laundry didn't have any good smell, AND I had to open and re-fold everything! Their folding job wasn't the greatest and I'm a stickler for nicely folded clothes. My mother used to fold so perfectly, it's sickening.  

So... I'm going to say the words that I'd never, ever thought I'd say...

Thank G-d I can do laundry!! 

Have I completely lost my mind? Yes! But do you want to know the whole story? It's really something!

My washing machine suddenly stopped spinning. The technician told me it was nothing, banged on the bottom with the hammer, and miraculously the machine worked again. Then, it stopped working. Then, the guy came back and said the computer's fried, so he ordered a new one, which is really expensive. Then, he couldn't come back until Sunday. On Sunday, of course no one shows up and I finally get a call from the company telling me they're about to order the new computer.


WHY couldn't they order it on Wednesday, when the guy was there?! No sufficient answer. When is the part supposed to arrive?! Two weeks.


At that point the humor was gone, the emuna was gone, and all that was left was a very angry Iraqi customer screaming at "Customer Service" for their incompetence. 

But look at how Hashem does everything for the best. My friend told me to just get a private technician to look at it, since the only thing covered by warranty was the motor, and of course the company assured me it wasn't the motor. Amazing how they could diagnose the problem through the phone without having seen the machine. Genius that I am, I had never thought of getting someone private to come in. 

Later that evening, my neighbor who's an electrician came by to pick up his son. I just asked him as a side note, and he said he knew a great technician. He called him right away, and the guy came today and checked out my washing machine, and...

Whaddayknow?! It's the motor after all!! 

Believe me, if I had a little voodoo doll I would have been sticking knives in the first technician's eyes. The point is this: Hashem made the guy delay me by a week, and He made the people send the wrong part, just to give me enough time to get someone in there that would actually fix the machine!

If I hadn't hired this other guy, I would have spent a small fortune on a part I didn't need, waited two weeks to get it, then I would have had to spend another fortune on the motor, if they would have even figured it out at that point! And who knows? Maybe they would just try to convince me to get a new washing machine.

How ironic that the only part actually covered on the warranty was the motor. I suspect that they didn't check it on purpose so I would actually have to pay for something. Call it a conspiracy theory.

So, that's it. I'm thrilled to be able to do laundry again. YAY!!! It's amazing what you appreciate once it's gone. I think about the people in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and the Carribbean, and I realize how fortunate I am to have just a few days of minor inconveniences. These people have had their entire lives pulled out from under them. It's unfortunate that sometimes we have to lose what we had in order to appreciate it. 

Have a great week, and appreciate all of your blessings!

Let's see if I remember this laundry lesson next week...





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