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Putting a Stop to Child Molesting

I get so much mail about "community coverups" of the worst type of crime - the ugly, disgusting abomination of child molesting. There are many stories about the villains who go free because they're the relatives of important and influential people. This phenomenon is disgusting and every person must do everything he or she can to uproot this immoral and inhuman plague from within our midst. We all ask, why are so many rabbis silent on this issue? In the 12-minute clip you're about to see, Rabbi Elchanan Tauber shlit'a breaks that silence and calls for an end to the coverup. Check out this very important 12-minute video:


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Baruch HaShem!!

Thank you Rabbi Brody for making this public to all... We support this move of Your Community very much so. It is a VERY NEEDED support system for all the Children ... We must believe these children that come forward and do everything to stop the victimizing to continue.

Psalms 94 speaks of evildoers that are so bold to do these evil deeds in the very Face of HaShem... Will He turn a deaf ear? NO... He asks us all the question... "Who will stand up for me against the doers of iniquity?" WE WILL!! We will stand up for HaShem and What is Right, and We will Stand up for our innocent Children.

Thank you Rabbi Brody for posting this much needed information.


Thank-you for this very important posting. I am sharing.....



Are children molested in orthodox communities the sin delaying the messiah ? Someone wearing tefillin, keeping kosher yet fondling young boys or worse felatio /sodomy-- what a hypocrite! If these yeshivah men went to prison the reason for their incarceration would be known and they would need to be in solitary-- for they'd be raped or gang raped otherwise.

Because of this, is there something that could be done short of incarceration? Yet on the other hand the damage they did-- only the angels above who are crying know!

I as a baal teshuvah have met, regrettably, more than a few young homosexually inclined men as well perverted homosexually inclined rabbis. I call it Lavan disguised in Yaakov's garments ! The gay parade is not just in Tel Aviv, but what's happening to too many naive holy young children.

. My psychologist says homosexuality is a trait one is born with , others say differently . Whatever the case, nurture or nature, this is a huge curse, a huge tikun for Am Yisrael. Pedophilia is probably one of the worst if not the worst sickness. I want Moshiach but after my personal experiences and what I just saw, I understand Hashem's statement in the first chapter of Isaiah and in Haazinu, saying your a vine is of Sodom and if not for the long haired Amalakites I would destroy you.

May the tzaddik who courageously made the video keep Hashem's anger at bay, and may we all do serious introspection lest this ever happen again !


so why did you tell me love the man that abused someone and that it is like the dog and the stick.


Thank you Rabbi for sharing this video. Our communities need to be aware and involved! May HaShem give us wisdom and koach to protect the innocent!


Though my abuse occurred outside of the Jewish community, I can say that the affects of sexual abuse infects every area of the victim's life. I have known many victims who were abused as children, and witnessed the very painful struggles that plague them as well as knowing my own struggles. A child who was abused and threatened to keep everything secret or who is punished for telling and even for showing signs of distress such as behavioral issues, is left completely alone to carry an unbearable weight. In a Jewish community, the adults are a reflection of Hashem to these abused children. If they are heard and supported, they see and experience the love of Hashem, and will want to draw closer to Hashem. When people turn against them, threaten them and support the perpetrator and do nothing to protect the children, then the children are confused and hurt beyond what a person can even imagine. On top of the hurt of the assaults they endured, they then have further assaults piled on top of them. Children in that scenario will struggle very much with self-hatred, believing that Hashem hates them (G-d forbid) and become very vulnerable to destructive ways of trying to cope with the unbearable pain and weight on their shoulders. And, yes, as in the case of the young man's friend spoken of in the video, suicide is all too often reached for in desperation as the only way out. Those who do this to children, who cover up for the perpetrators and badger a child to keep quiet and who blame the child or who tell the child that he/she needs to forgive and not judge, have the blood of these children on their hands. Those who know victims of this should make the highest effort to help them. Often they cannot afford the help they need. If you know a victim, then please help them get the help they need just as you would if someone who has just been hit by a car and who is laying on the street broken and bloodied - even though you may not see the wounds of the victim of child abuse - the pain they carry is just as real as the pain of the person struck by a car. Thank you very much, Rabbi Brody, for posting this video. It means so much to me as I am sure to every victim. It gives them a voice and shows that they matter. When this "cancer" is removed from amongst us, maybe then it will be the time for the Temple to be rebuilt.


Tiferet, thank you soo much for your moving and powerful comment! Everyone should read it and be perfectly aware of the fact that the effects of molestation NEVER fully disappear! Shana Tova!

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