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Smell the Coffee or Smell the Smoke

Smelling the Smoke
All three states of the US Pacific Coast - California, Oregon and Washington, have declared states of emergency because of the raging wildfires and the record-breaking heat there. In San Francisco, where the average temperature for this time of the year is in the low 70's, temperatures soared to a record-breaking 106F, something virtually impossible considering the SF Bay area's humidity.

Imagine what size of an attack on America's West Coast would be required to put all three of its huge states into a state of emergency! Yet, America continues to snore in its spiritual slumber at the exact time when Hashem is doing everything to wake her up. The national media, in a cloud of stupor, is focusing on Irma's approach, now threatening Florida, the aftermath of Harvey, and North Korea's latest antics. What is Hashem doing out West, and what is it that the liberal media doesn't want to see?

All three West-Coast states rank at the top of America's list of liberal states. In plain terms, laws support what the Torah calls abominations, including free-game murder of embryos. In his elaboration of Tractate Sanhedrin 75b, the holy "Aruch L'Ner" writes that promiscuity causes fires. Is it a coincidence that the fires are raging in an entire area that prides itself in the legalization of promiscuity? People out west now understand that they can't breathe the smoke-filled air. But, even before the black clouds robbed the Pacific Coast of its oxygen, the public displays of government-sanctioned promiscuity contaminated the spiritual atmosphere.

Why will so few people understand? They don't want to. Don't take away their lust.

But it's Elul! The world is changing so fast, and we're not talking about hi-tech. Teshuva - sincere penitence - has the power not only to extinguish the fires out west, but to send Irma back out to sea and to disarm Kim Jong Un. Still dubious?

If Irma makes landfall as a category 4 hurricane, this will be the first time in 102 years that two category 4 hurricanes made landfall in the same year in the U.S. "102" is the exact numerical value of the Hebrew word emuna - the pure and complete faith in our Creator - a word that our regular readers are well-acquainted with. Everything in the world is Hashem's way of talking to us.

This post is dedicated to the handful of wonderful people who take it to heart.

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Thanks for this amazing post, Rav Lazer. Please see my mention of you in the latest post on my blog: wishing you and your family shana tova umetuka


I would have loved to re-post your article, but I know that I would get flamed. The Truth is difficult to face. My family is still in Miami, so the best I can do is daven for all of us to do teshuvah, and also the safety of klal yisroel around the world. And thank you for your insights.

Yakov Butterfield

Do 40,000 Lightning Strikes Over SoCal Point To A Mega Quake On The Horizon? "A volatile storm has ignited a slew of 40,000 lightning strike in southwestern California. The strikes have hit Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura counties – all between September 10-11. Strange lights and electrons acting oddly seem to have been appearing either before or during major earthquakes – like the recent 8.2 magnitude quake in Mexico. Could these lightning strikes be a sign that California’s mega quake is on the horizon?"
The only thing we can do is pray for our relatives still living there.


Fascinating, Yaakov! I'll check it out.

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