Breaking: Syrian Chemical Weapons Facility Attacked
Emuna News Roundup

Wake Up, World!

Wake Up  World!
The day before yesterday, Emuna News reported that the entire US West Coast was under a state of emergency.

Now, the US southeast coast including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina have declared states of emergency.

Many feel that a war between Israel and Hizbulla/Lebanon/Syria/Iran is getting closer, especially after this morning's strike.

North Korea is expected to launch another ICBM by the weekend, with tensions still high.

This is Elul - the entire world is in a spiritual state of emergency, but the vast majority of people don't seem to feel a thing.

Wake up, World! Rosh Hashana - Judgment Day - is only 2 weeks away.


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Your point is well taken. Your articles are a pleasure to read but the black lettering on a background so colorful makes it difficult.

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