The First Blemish


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Rabbi Brody
Please forward this to Rabbi Arush
This year I made sure to include all family members names for the pidyon Nefesh for Uman for Rosh ha Shona. Especially for my mother. Last Monday before sukkot my mother was rushed to the hospital with 103 degree fever. Not good. She was in ICU 4 days. Because we had to take her hearing aids out at night and her glasses too she was totally deprived of senses and with the antibiotics etc the doctors told us they thought there were brain issues that's if she recovered. I brought my lulav and estrog with me to the hospital and basically lived in the ICU for 4 days
As soon as she was well enough to get a room in the hospital and leave the ICU we did the lulav and estrog in her room and I stayed there. Yesterday my mom was discharged. The doctors said it was a miracle. When you are in a hospital for a prolonged period there is a lot of free time so I read the garden of emuna to my mom. Please thank the Rav for me.
David C Rubin in Miami Florida

Lazer Brody

David, that is such wonderful news. I'll be delighted to let the Rav shlit'a know about this. Moadim l'simcha and every blessing, LB

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