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Happiness Pills

Happiness Pills
The human soul is not designed to withstand sadness. That's why the Evil Inclination works overtime to bring a person down to a state of depression. That way, the individual is neutralized. For that reason, the Evil Inclination hates this time of the year. Just as there is a citrus season, a pomegranate season, or a banana season, we are about to enter this week into the joy season, when we can harvest joy for an entire year.

Hashem in His infinite mercy gives us a chance to escape our emotional and spiritual maladies. Once a year, He gives us a happy pill. This is no joke or fairy tale – it works. The happy pill can save marriages, cure sicknesses and do all kinds of special things. Let me tell you about in in The Happy Pill, my feature article in this week's special Succoth edition of Breslev Israel web magazine.

If you're looking for remedies, you've come to the right place. My esteemed and beloved teacher Rabbi Shalom Arush has The Perfect Remedy for childless couple, people who can't find their soulmates and others who need big-time salvation. It works! Rabbi Shalom also writes about the recent solar eclipse in Eclipse, Intellect and Emuna - it's an eyeopener. 

Breslev Israel magazine is delighted to present Rebbe Nachman of Breslev on Succoth as well as dozens of additional stimulating articles about Succoth, Hoshana Raba, Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah.

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Pidyon Nefesh for the High Holidays - is it too late?

Our good friend JK from Long Island asks: "Before Rosh Hashana, my wife had a baby boy and I was pressured at work too. I was so busy that I forgot to do a pidyon nefesh. Can I still do it, and have it count for the High Holidays?"

Rabbi Lazer answers: "No problem, JK; a pidyon nefesh counts  for this year's High Holidays and has the power to mitigate stern judgments as long as you give it before Hashana Raba, which this year falls on Wednesday, October 11, 2017. Make sure you give it before sundown, your time, and preferably before that. For your convenience, you can use this link: Donate to Emuna Outreach - not only will Rav Shalom Arush do the pidyon for you, but you'll gain the merit of partnering with him in spreading emuna around the world. Blessings for a wonderful, joyous, healthy and successful New Year 5778!"


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