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Photo from Racheli Reckles (18)

Happy post-Yom Kippur! How was your fast? Not that you care, but I'll tell you about mine in a minute. But first, I'd like to share this hysterical and very appropriate picture that Rebbetzin Channen just shared with me.

Aside from being absolutely true, this picture gave me a whole new insight into Yom Kippur. I'd just like to say that if Sunny I sat on that chair right now, it might groan and the legs might start bending in agony until it collapses and dies of suffocation. Now I'll share the incredible chiddush (insight) I got, direct from Shamayim about the meaning of Yom Kippur. 

And before you get all mad at me, realize that this is a joke. And go eat something.

WHY did Hashem stick Yom Kippur between Rosh Hashana and the rest of the holidays?

BECAUSE He wanted us to fast so we'd reset our metabolisms so we wouldn't gain so much weight that we'd tilt the world off its axis!

Okay, it was a bad joke. Really. Bad.

I bet you Jackie Mason could have made it funny, though. 

So now I'll tell you about my Yom Kippur, because I'm sensing that you can't handle the suspense anymore. But before I begin, I'd like to say that there's nothing I enjoy more than mopping the floor, doing laundry, dishes, straightening up the house, and feeding other people before I feed myself right after I finish a nearly 26-hour fast.

You like how I did that? Added suspense on top of suspense? 

My husband and I were doing comparisons, more like arguing actually, over who had the harder day. We're very competitive, he and I. While I didn't spend my day in a prayer marathon like he did, I was doing my best to fight off my massive caffeine headache and cold while trying not to yell at my kids by hiding under my bed most of the day.

That wasn't so easy, because there's only an inch of space between my bed and the floor, and my a/c unit decided to keep on going all day long because somebody thinks he lives in Antarctica. It was f-f-f-freeeezzziiing in my bedroom! Doesn't David realize that I don't have whale blubber as insulation? Does he even know what I look like? 

Anyhow, it's not like it's that hard for my kids to find me. I'm not exactly in the west wing of the mansion, after all. I should learn to lock the door. All in all, I prayed for about five minutes. At least, I think I prayed. Does yelling repeatedly at the ceiling, "G-d help me!" count?

In between reading books and breaking up fights and trying not to drool on the food that I served my kids, I managed to close my eyes for a few minutes here and there. Actually, come to think of it, the drooling wasn't so bad this year. The day before, I ate - and I'm not exaggerating - FIVE slices of pizza and THREE cinnamon buns. Fo' serious! In reality I was so thankful for the fast because I was suffering from the type of regret that only comes with doing something you really, really... regret. 

Amazingly, by the end of the day, I was so spiritually charged that this deep spiritual thought came to me. Like ruach hakodesh. Divine inspiration, light-headedness, whatever. No difference for my purposes. I'm almost a prophet at this point.

But really, this post does have a point, and it's hidden in the gematria of Yom Kippur. Get ready for a chiddush that'll knock you off your broken scales!

Yom Kippur = Intermittent Fasting!!

Seriously, where's my Nobel prize already. I'm getting impatient. Nobody likes an impatient Iraqi. 

So here's the deal about intermittent fasting. It's a fantastic way to supercharge your metabolism, detox, lower your blood pressure, help cure diabetes, lose weight when you've hit a wall, and can even be used as an important part of curing cancer, lo aleinu. 

I absolutely love this website, which includes tons of info on intermittent fasting. 

Now we don't have to pull a Yom Kippur every week, so don't get scared. I fast every day. Here's how I do it: I try not to eat after 7 or 8 pm, and then don't eat again until about 1 pm the next day at the earliest. Now before you write me off as completely crazy, here's how you can "eat" and still call it fasting: I drink a coffee and add stevia and a splash of milk. I also take MCT or coconut oil in the morning, which gives me tons of calories and energy so I can hit the gym like nobody's business.

That combo plus working out keeps me from being hungry until at least noon. And I drink tons of water. 

There are many ways to fast, and you should check out the link above to learn more about it. The minimum amount of time you want to go without food is 12 hours. 

Oh, and there are people that should not be fasting under any circumstances, or only under a doctor's supervision. Refer to the link to find the guidelines. 

Enough with this nonsense. I can't wait for Sukkot already because I'm making a full Thanksgiving-style turkey dinner!! I'm so excited!! All of you lucky people that are coming to my house had better start fasting from today, 'cause we gonna go downtown to Chinatown!



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I think we move backwards and forwards from and to Hashem, like Ezekiel's chariot across the heavens.
Our struggle is to keep moving toward's Hashem.
I think those who keep moving forward are Tzadikkim?


Hi Racheli
I hope Yom Kippur was good by you.
The fast went buy quick. I did feel a little thirsty. And my yom Kippur siddur was confusing to pray in. But the weather was cool considering that is fall in Brooklyn N.Y.. Waiting for succot. At least you don't get to vote next month. I think Trump and Clinton need major atonement for their own sins just a thought. They are giving me and everyone else a headache. Love your post though . It's nice that you are helping your husband fast by taking care of the kids. I think when you do your best hashem provides the rest.

Elena Kuchik

i was trying imagine myself as angel all yom kippur - it didn't help my headche..I am glad fast season is over and definitely hisbodedut works for me too!


Thank you Racheli... i always look forward to your "real" posts... *:-) They are great!!! You encourage us, all, to try our best, no matter the circumstance... (can so relate to those 5 minute prayers...but trying hard to increase more)...

YES... to a sweet new year, and world peace, for sure!!! SHALOM TO ALL...


You have a good point, Londonmale. While it seems that we do move backwards at times, there are times that the apparent moving backwards is actually us moving forward. Rebbe Nachman says that when we move up spiritual levels, the bottom of the next spiritual level up is dark, so that's why it appears that we are moving backwards. I don't know about the Tzaddikim, but I would tend to agree with you. Shana Tova!


Messody, can you please send over some of that gorgeous fall weather??? I'm so jealous! It was 90 degrees here yesterday, and today it's 95!! What gives? I'm happy you had a decent fast, and wish you all the best this coming year!


Yes, Elana, I don't think angels get headaches! lol I am also glad the fast is over. Don't you feel such a sense of accomplishment, though? Keep up with the hitbodedut - you can't imagine how much Hashem loves when we speak with Him! Shana Tova!!


Thank you, Annie! I'z far from perfect, u know.... Shana Tova!!

Elena Kuchik

:) My sister just told me they have those amazing slow-release caffeine pills ..but hope that Mashiach will come before next fast and I will not have to try it..
Here are the encouraging words from book "Building a Sanctuary in the heart" pg 146 "The attainments that one gains from an area in which he tries and doesn't succeed are impossible to gain in a straightforward manner". and also on page 145 "The light tat one receives from the tests and the falls, whether they be in one's will, thought, speech, or action, is a great light that is essential if one is to acquire anything!" So Gam zu la tova! Shabbat SHolom!


Amen to the Mashiach coming before next Yom Kippur, Elena! Thanks for the beautiful quotes and the caffeine pill tips! Shabbat Shalom!

Ted Jessa

On this most holiest of days my mind reflected on the world's fate, both collectively
and individually. Listening to Breslov teachings throughout the year, I speak daily with
Hashem of areas where I need improvement. Areas involving actions between man
and God, interactions with fellow people.
Food was not entirely on my mind during the fast. I certainly did not feel like any sort
of heavenly being. Nor does fasting make for " Atonement". Rather I felt more how Isaiah
describes fasting as a physical act which promotes empathy for the poor who have nothing
to eat through out the year.
May we all be inscribed for a healthy, sweet , and redemptive New Year.

Aimee Cohen

It's very fitting because here, Monday of Sukkot is Thanksgiving Day! But other than having a day off the Jews don't seem to observe it as some of them do in the USA. Hag Sameah!


Aimee, how can that be? Thanksgiving is at the end of November. Maybe you're thinking Halloween? Come to think of it, what month are we in??

Esther Rachel

I do NOT understand competitive with spouse. Everyone knows Hashem built
Eve, the woman. Adam came from dust.
Even though women have a very small portion of that dust, they were built.
Very specific design.
Can NOT compare, not the same caliber.


I love it!!!

I would totally start prepping now for this big dinner we are having, but there is way to much chocolate sitting around in the house- and it ain't gonna eat itself


OMG Esther Rachel, take it easy! I'm just kidding! My humor is very, VERY dry and sarcastic. You'll get used to it eventually. Hopefully. Unless you stop reading my posts. I really hope not! ;)))


Tzippy, I heard if you rub sauerkraut on the chocolate it might make it less appetizing. Just sayin'... On the other hand, it might make a pregnant mama really happy.


The half fast works 214 to 190 in 3 weeks and still keeping the weight off
Thank you
David in S Miami

lea moore

I was in a car accident just before Rosh Hashanah 5777. I struggled so much emotionally and spiritually. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur were not good! I did however spend the year growing closer to Hashem. With all the articles and books about emuna, I understood intellectually but it just wasn't real in my life. Not the way I needed it to be. Finally, during the days of awe, it clicked! I finally got it! Wow, what a difference. It is so nice to let go and not try to control everything. To not feel like a failure when all the medical treatment does not work. It's OK. Hashem has my 6. :) Other subject, can you please explain the benefits of coconut oil? I was told by dietitian at military base to stop using it because it was bad for you. I don't think he is right.


David, that's fantastic! I assume you have a nice energy level? You don't feel extra tired, right? Thanks so much for keeping in touch with me! I'm thrilled that you're doing so great! Have you started exercising more?

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