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Nation in Denial

LV Nation in Denial
The misinformation in the media about the Las Vegas massacre is enough to make a person cry.

The authorities, both State and Federal, are quick to say that the ISIS claim of responsibility is false.

The satanic Paddock killed 59 and wounded 527; some are still fighting for their life. The media says that he was using souped-up semi-automatic weapons. That's ridiculous. Even the best military semi-automatic would "spill its barrel" (melt-down) if it fired the type of spurts that Paddock fired. He was using full-automatic, deadly accurate weapons. He was killing people at a range of several hundred meters. He fired at least 1500 rounds, closer to 2,000, and not a few hundred as much of the media claims. Gunfire came from two separate rooms (see above photo), which the media and the authorities are trying to tell us are adjoining. I don't buy into that. As I wrote yesterday, Paddock had the firepower of an entire infantry squad. He was not just some weirdo. He was well-trained. By whom? There's a massive chain of ISIS sleeper cells and training camps in America's own backyard. Someone trained Paddock really well. And that same someone helped him carry out his massacre. 

Both the US authorities and the leftist media want to maintain their non-emuna political correctness. They pin it once more on the "lone wolf" and bury the file. They tell America to light candles and recite poems, but there's no need to change. Anyone with the slightest infantry experience knows that a John Rambo or American Sniper would have had difficulty doing what Paddock allegedly did by himself. How did he run from room to room so fast? How did he change weapons so fast? How did he replenish ammo so fast? Where did he get the stamina to run from room to room, reload, fire, break windows and all the rest? Who says suicide? Maybe the accomplice shot him and fled, leaving the dead Paddock to hold the bag? America is seeing a massive coverup that will even outdo the JFK murder, Watergate and Benghazi. Why?

America doesn't want to change. They don't want to smell the coffee.

Remember what we wrote here before the solar eclipse in the USA? In a Shout From Above, we begged America to come back to Hashem. Even the Jews laughed at us. So what happened since then, in a mere six weeks? The entire USA west coast suffered massive forest fires. The South and Southeast suffered the unprecedented damages of the three infamous hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Puerto Rico and most of the Caribbean are totaled. Business as usual? People lit candles and donated blankets. There wasn't a word about returning to Hashem. So what happened? America got the worst gunfire massacre of its history in Las Vegas. And, it looks like the denial is still going strong with everything being swept under the rug. It's not conspiracies than concern us, it's the deadly denial.

Our sages say that Hashem warned Sodom and surrounding cities for 25 years before He destroyed them. The Sodomites denied Hashem and ignored His wake-up calls. Contrastingly. when Hashem sent the prophet Jonah to warn Nineveh (then the capital of Babylon, today's Iraq) that the are about to be imminently destroyed because of their wickedness, the King of Nineveh immediately cast off his royal garments and donned the burlap sack of an ostracized sinner, made sincere penitence and ordered his entire kingdom to follow suit (see Book of Jonah). Nineveh was saved.

What's the difference between Nineveh and Sodom? The Radak explains that the sailors who were aboard ship with Jonah during the tempest at sea came from Nineveh. They told the King of Nineveh about the miracles that they saw and how Jonah and his G-d are the real deal. Unlike Sodom and Gemorrah who denied, the king and kingdom of Nineveh heeded and were saved.

Yesterday, Rabbi Shalom Arush, the tzaddik who Hashem has chosen to spread emuna around the globe in all languages and to all people, said that we must urgently strengthen ourselves in emuna and spread emuna as far and as fast as we can. Like one of the sailors from Nineveh, I know Rabbi Arush intimately. I've had the privilege of doing rabbinical internship under some of the greats of this past generation and the current generation. I cast my lot with Rabbi Arush, because the future of the entire world depends on him. He's the real deal and I can't even begin to tell about his far-sighted spiritual vision. No one who ever heeded him lost out.

What does Rabbi Arush's call to strengthen emuna mean? Neither Rabbi Shalom nor I - his longtime student and English-language mouthpiece - are asking anyone to change their appearance. Men, we're not telling you to grow beards, sidecurls or wear long coats. Women, we're not telling you to wear wigs or scarves, or to cover your hair at all. We're not telling anyone to join a synagogue or even go to a synagogue. We don't ask our esteemed non-Jewish friends to convert. We're not talking about religion or any religious agenda. We're only talking about emuna, genuine faith in the Almighty Creator. He wants us to return to Him, to teach our children about Him, to acknowledge Him and to thank Him. He wants us to uphold the Ten Commandments. He doesn't want us to live in wanton societies that turn what He calls abominations into political correctness and law of the land.

I don't want to see America, or any other country in the world, suffer. Let's put an end to suffering. Every person who strengthens him/herself in emuna is capable of the tipping the scales of stern judgment into total mercy. My sincerest blessings for a happy holiday and all your hearts wishes for the very best. 


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Saying that there is a reason for things is jewish. Saying that you know the reason, is both nonsense and wicked. Don't be like the Catholic preachers... Please?

Jean Marie Rondeau

My wife and I agree with you both. The world needs to go back to God and live accordingly.

Instead leading the world into goodness, America refuses to admit it wrongs in itself and pushes her actual ways on the rest of the world.

Thank you Rabbi Brody for sharing this essay with us and the world.

Hoping for the geulah

I could be wrong about this but I noticed something interesting, in Monday's post rabbi brody refered to the tragic shooting as a blood bath and today's post was titled A nation in denial. In Egypt after the plague of dam Hashem hardened Parohs heart and he denied Hashems exhistance. Better watch out for frogs


Thank you, Rav Brody, for this post! It is amazing (in the worst sense) how the massacre is being analyzed by the media and the "authorities". Your military background pokes their current explanations full of holes.

If we don't look at current events with eyes of emunah, there's no way we can understand and respond to what's happening. And there's certainly no way to prevent more of the same horrific events from coming. The fact that these crises are happening in America and I'm in Eretz Yisrael makes no difference - the emunah message is for everyone.


1. It was a suite with multiple bedrooms.
2. He does not have to reload, he had over 20 weapons in that room. Chances are he already had them all loaded.. switching to an already loaded gun.
3. Breaking a window is not that noticeable at dark time.
4. Not much training required, he is just firing automatic weapons into a crowd of 22,000 people. Chances are he will hit alot just pointing it in that general direction.
5. He did not run that much. He kept firing for only 10-15minutes. If there was any running it was maybe 2 minutes.

Please wake up and smell the coffee as you suggested. Thanks bye


Just listen to the actual police scanner audio as LE were trying to solve what was going on. It's chaotic but more informative than just 'relying on the media'. Come to your own conclusions -- it's pretty obvious that things are what's actually being communicated. The barrels didn't melt because he had a bunch of weapons in case on did become defective.


While it might be interesting to discuss ballistics, strategies, logistics, and first responder reactions, they are all incidental. It's easy to focus on these points and overlook the wake-up call. We'll pass national gun control laws, we'll beef up hotel security baggage checks - then we've done our job and can go back to business as usual. Football season is coming...

The main point is to see this event (may it be the LAST one) as a spiritual wake-up call "to have emuna, genuine faith in the Almighty Creator. He wants us to return to Him, to teach our children about Him, to acknowledge Him and to thank Him. He wants us to uphold the Ten Commandments. He doesn't want us to live in wanton societies that turn what He calls abominations into political correctness and law of the land."


Zach, read this:
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