Rebbe Nachman's 207th Yahrtzeit
Give Her a Break

Rebbe, Rebbe

Gmar Tov! We hope you're having the best Succoth holiday of your life...

Uman this year was so memorably meaningful. I already miss being by Rebbe Nachman, especially since yesterday was his 207th yahrtzeit. With this in mind, here is one of my favorite melodies, which I was humming the whole time I was by Rebbe Nachman's holy gravesite in Uman this past Rosh Hashana. It's called, "Rebbe, Rebbe".

A Breslever custom is to say a hitkashrut prayer before every mitvza, where we bind ourselves to all the true tzaddikim and particularly our own rebbe, Rebbe Nachman of Breslev, osb"m.

Yehudah Green turned the hitkashrut prayer into a beautifully stirring melody named "Rebbe, Rebbe." Here, our dear friend Chassidic singer Duddy Knopfler with the Meshorerim Choir sing a moving rendition, which I'm sure you'll enjoy as much as I do. Below are the lyrics in Yiddish transliteration, in Yiddish and in English translation. Enjoy and have a wonderful Succoth and New Year 5778!

Rebbe, rebbe, mir villen zich mikasher zein Tzu dir

Hinneni mikkasher nafshi, ruchi venishmasi lenishmas adoni mori urabi

Im shaar hatzadikim veha'avos hakdoshim ve'im shaar hatzidkanios vehaimahos hakedoshos

רבי, רבי, רבי, מיר ווילען זיך מקשר זיין צו דיר

הנני מקשר נפשי, רוחי, ונשמתי, לנשמת אדוני מורי ורבי

עם שאר הצדיקים והאבות הקדושים ועם שאר הצדקניות והאמהות הקדושות

Rebbe , rebbe, I want to bind myself to you

I hereby connect the three elements of my soul to the soul of my master, teacher and rebbe,

Together with the other tzaddikim the holy patriarchs and the holy matriarchs. 


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Baruch Hashem....for all the Rabbis who teach Truth and point the Way!!!

Very nice... Thank you...

Wow so heartwarming ... thanks for sharing this beautiful clip


Yafe yafe yafe simcah sukkot
Hag sameach sukkot. Warm wishes lekulam.

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