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Wednesday, 04 October 2017


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this reminds me of the classic exchange between johnny carson and ed mcmahon.--

johnny: says in the paper that a guy lived to be 96, and never ate cakes, drank, smoke or chased women, his whole life.

ed: what'd he die of?

johnny: boredom!!

life is to enjoy. but, not so much that we shorten it, so we cannot enjoy it anymore, eh?

john jay
milton freewater, oregon usa


Johnny Carson suffered with nervous twitches in an environement as deep as tin foil . Much better to eat healthy and stay slim / loose weight...makes your shoes last longer too .

I'm like the hitbodedut diet plan...unburdens more than just weight .

I was going to post an email to you asking what you like to eat Rav, but you answered my questions. Dates with almonds must be fantastic.

David, UK

I love the idea of carrots and apples instead of cakes and liquor, Rav Brody, but if one is staying and nibbling these in the succa for a period of time (say half an hour or so), doesn't that lead at least to a shaila of having to 'make a leishev' brocho (according to those who may hold differently from the Melitzer Rebbe shlita)?

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