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Okay, I just had the most incredible, wonderful, convenient, AMERICAN experience in all of my six years in Israel!!

The new gas station that I've been salivating over has FINALLY OPENED!! 

So I have to share this experience just to show how my perspective has changed over the last six years. Or whatever reason you prefer. Okay, here goes. 

But really quick - can you see that annoyed expression on David's face? I bet he was wondering if he should have me evaluated for taking a picture of my car at the gas station pump. Well maybe he should. But seriously, can you get over that crazy damaged front bumper? I have just three words: ALL HIS FAULT! But that's a post for another time.

Let's get back to my gas station celebration. 

First, this little slice of paradise is situated right next to a very convenient back road with no major traffic and no traffic jams. It's incredibly easy to drive in to the station, and the pumps are situated at a 45 degree angle, so you can drive up without having to make any sharp turns. It's well-lit and very spacious.

But if that weren't enough, here's the kicker: the machine TOOK MY CREDIT CARD!!!


Yes, it's midnight and my brain is clogged with this sinus infection that I've had for a week, so I can't think properly, and I may be starting to hallucinate. I keep seeing rugelach everywhere.

BUT DO YOU UNDERSTAND?? I'll explain. See, the other gas station, or ANY gas station in Israel either doesn't take my credit card because it's an American-based AMEX, or I have to walk into the "convenience" store to pay for the gas after I filled up the tank.

Do you realize how much time that adds to the whole gas station getting gas thing? It's super annoying, especially when I have to wait almost 10 minutes in line, then fight with people who are looking for me so they can yell at me why I left my car at the pump while I did something so inconsiderate as to go in and PAY FOR MY GAS. So I had to yell back at the guy that there is no place to park my car, so what exactly am I supposed to do with it?

He backed off because I bared my fangs at him, and also I think my ghetto chain necklace might have scared him a little. 

Oh, and there are other gas stations that won't let you put in more than 200 shekel at a time. At another gas station I used a few times, I kept having to go back inside and tell them to add another 200, and then go inside a third time to actually pay! Does any of this make any sense?

But here, in this gas station, the most unbelievable thing happened!

I put in my credit card, hoping against hope that some miracle would happen, and BINGO! It accepted my card on the spot! I honestly felt like I had won the jackpot at the slot machine on the cruise that I'm hallucinating that I'm on right now.

I feel like the world is tilting, so I must be riding the soft waves on a Mediterranean cruise. Where's my midnight buffet? I actually do hear music outside because everyone's doing their Simcha Beit Hashoeva, which I really don't feel like explaining right now. Look it up. Fun stuff, yo.

I'm telling you, it was a surreal experience. Then as I was leaving I slowed down to admire the DRIVE-THRU CAR WASH that I'm going crazy to DRIVE THRU. I can't wait. Seriously. For real. Rizzle.

The only thing that was missing was the red carpet that should have been rolled out, so I could make my grand entrance in high style. I mean, did you see that front bumper of mine? I'm basically driving a low rider/limousine hybrid with stray cat paw marks all along the front hood. I think my building's stray cats use my car as a hangout for their cat buddies from down the block. Each building has its own stray cat gang. They're very territorial. 

Alrighty then. I just wanted to tell you this story so: 1) you'll appreciate all the convenient things you take for granted in wherever you are, and 2) your waiting skills, i.e. patience, will get some good chizuk. This gas station is proof that waiting for something will make you appreciate it so much more than if you got it right away. PLUS, it's a great lesson in patience (did I say that already?) and an even greater opportunity for you to talk to Hashem about the thing you're waiting for.

Sometimes that waiting period either makes us realize that it's not what we want, or it makes us turn to Hashem, which is the secret to getting what we want. And even if we don't get what we want, but we asked Hashem for help and guidance, then we should know that whatever we did get is exactly what Hashem wanted to give us. So waiting is a wonderful thing. 

My head is nodding forward and I have no idea if this post even made any sense. Anyhow, I want to wish you all a continued happy Sukkot and Happy Simchat Torah! 



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*;-)... love your posts!!! Sweet!!!

Esther Rachel

But...where is the guy who puts the gas in the car, washes your windshield, checks
your oil, takes your payment and says "thank
you mam, have a nice day"??????

Ohhh, check the tire pressure and coolent..
Full service stations in Israel?


Awww, thanks so much, Angela!!


Esther Rachel, thanks for bursting my bubble! lol For sure I don't think you'll find those here! Do they even still exist in the States??


Esther Rachel, I've decided that YOU'RE hallucinating! ;))))


Oh, Racheli! I remember the "gas station " post a while back. I'm SO happy for you!
And I'm sure your car will feel better once it gives the car wash a try. 馃槈
There's ALWAYS something to appreciate and be grateful for, huh? 馃槈


Thanks so much, Tena!! It is pretty amazing what we can appreciate. I'm a little afraid to take my car through the car wash because I think it will feel a bit "exposed" driving around so clean.

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