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Tuesday, 14 November 2017


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We just love you... *:-)
...and we ARE looking for the Redemption... any day, any day... THIS day!!! amen amen amen!! load up my emunah on THAT one!!!! *:-)


Oy Rachelli, you are so so funny! In the longest of nights, you give me the longest of laughs! Keep on going๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


So missing the whole point of the ruchniusdig meaning of your lovely article,
We will be making Aliyah for the Friday AYCE buffet........you are a deranged woman and thoroughly respect that R !!!
See u at brunch on Friday - J&B


Racheli, you can only go to the buffet on weeks when I am NOT teaching zumba! There's a healthy boundary for you!


Angela, thank you so much!! You brighten my day!! I can tell you're a very spiritual woman!


Mir, I wouldn't miss your class for ALL THE PANCAKES IN THE WORLD!!


That's cause you're so un-spiritual, Judylicious. Look at you, livin' it up in Gashmiut central. Of course you didn't get it, you pizza-crazed Italian wannabe. I'm saving you two lovebirds a spot right next to me at the table I have reserved for every Friday! And if I wasn't deranged, would I be your friend? Huh? HUH???


PG, thank you sooo much!! I was literally snorting from laughter as I wrote this. I don't know where these things come from! If you're ever in Israel, we'll go to the buffet together!


Hi Racheli...

You can afford not to be in ketosis occasionally (this coming from a nearly-completely-sedentary person - hah! I wish I could take off for a weekly Zumba class or more. Whatever that is...). I wouldn't worry. Just don't make it a weekly thing. What do you do on erev Shabbat and the two daytime Shabbat meals, do you not eat a kazayit of challah (at least)? So this is in addition to the challah and whatever other carbs you eat then. Am I obsessive or what???

Unless...you have invented some sort of low-carb challah that meets the bare minimum requirements for lechem mishneh. In that case I want you to share the recipe!!!

Love you,


Thought you meant โ€œWarrenโ€ :-)


OMG Nechama, did I spell it wrong?? lol


Oh girl! Iโ€™ll be there with you as soon as I can get on that plane bound for Israel! Yummo!

Ummm...how did your tummy feel after that pancake binge? ๐Ÿ˜œ



Tina, it looked like the Good Year Blimp! But it was worth it! I'm waiting for you already!!


Chava, I've lightened up on the ketogenic diet a bit. I'm trying the slow carb diet now. Sorry to drive you crazy! lol Instead of MCT oil, I'm taking a protein shake in the morning and am having normal amounts of fat in my food. I'm still very, very low carb, but I started eating buckwheat puffy things that look like rice cakes and I eat beans here and there. I think for me the secret is to not eat after 8:00. If I stick with it, I can eat like a trash compactor and have my stomach back in place by morning. ;)) On Shabbat, I pretty much eat an entire challah and about 30 rugelach. If I make brownies, all bets are off. I'm fighting with my kids for that last piece. One day you should come to Zumba with me! Are you in Israel?

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