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The Secret of Great Kids

Shlomi & LB
If you're a parent or aspire to be a parent, you're fortunate that you visited us here at the Beams today.

Our beloved rabbi, teacher and spiritual guide Rabbi Shalom Arush has a message for us about the future of our offspring. He says that a great impetus in striving for personal holiness is to understand the influence it has on the holiness of our children. How?

Children's character directly results from parents' spiritual status. Rebbe Nachman in Sefer HaMidot cites a number of ways as to how the success of the children depends on the holiness of the parents. Even the intent of a parent during the time that he or she was looking for a soul-mate affects the child and his future; all the more so, the manner in which parents conduct themselves during the time of conception.

So many factors influence a child before he or she is born, dispelling the misconception that child education only begins after they're born...

Continue reading The Holiness of Our Children by Rabbi Shalom Arush, which you'll find on this week's thought-provoking issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

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Enjoy, and have a beautiful new week!


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Such a sweet child, bli ayn hara! May all our children turn out so sweet!

Kimberly singer

I wish I had known that drugs would take my son levi from me, and put him on the streets, take him away from his boys Nathin 7 and Isaiah 2, he has been gone now for 2 years 9 months. Things in life are not the same. I keep praying for him, he will be 30 tomorrow. I pray for him to hear G-d, and bring him back into the light. Leave the streets and drugs. His sons need him . I need him. Watch your children both parents are needed, I was both and it wasent untill he was older that problems started. But by that time he was angry and so it goes

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