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Friday, 08 December 2017


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Yes what stood out to me this morning in my davening was And to Jerusaelm YOUR City...This is Hashems city...and He will guide its process towards Geulah :)

Esther Rachel

Regarding, Pres Trump speech on embassy
move + capital of Israel:
He has alot of hand movement when he makes statements. First his right hand is up, then his left, back +forth, the hand movement. At the end of his speech both hands are up. Hashem is giving us many hints, about the situation.


Thanks you, Rav Brody, for your article.

When I heard the rumors about declaring Yerushalayim to be the capital of Israel, my feelings during Tikun Chatzot began to change. Could it be?! Might I live to see such a thing?!

When I watched President Trump deliver his decision, it really felt like HaShem wrote those words. That night, Tikun Chatzot was entirely different as I read “You will arise and have mercy on Tzion. For it is time to have pity on her. Surely the time has come... God is the Builder of Yerushalayim.”

It doesn't stop there. HaShem continues to have compassion on us! Since that declaration, two missiles were fired from Gaza – and exploded in Gaza. A missile from Gaza destroyed a kindergarten in Sderot, but the building was empty. A second terror tunnel was discovered from Gaza into southern Israel, but it was destroyed before the terrorists could exit. The anticipated Arab “Day of Rage” fizzled out as the Palestinians realized that they no longer enjoy backing from the broader Arab world.

We are seeing miracles within miracles! Without a doubt, HaShem alone arranged all of these circumstances and scenarios.

Choni Davidowitz

In my opinion this announcement will trigger such an aggressive attack from Ishmael that Israel will be "forced" to, at last, fulfill the commandment to finally 'drive them out". Then , Baruch Hashem" we will have eternal peace. Also it will increase ant-semitism in the Diaspora to such an extent that Jews in exile will finally be "forced" to come home.
Hashem at "work" through Trump.

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