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Tuesday, 05 December 2017


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Hysterical thanks! When you lived in NMB did you ever go to Ultimate?
David C Rubin still in Miami


You are One of a Kind!!


Awww, thanks so much, Angela! I think?? ;)))


Thanks so much, David!! I don't know that one. Back when I was single I went to a gym in Loehman's Plaza and another one on Hallandale Beach Blvd. I can't remember the names of either one, though.


Ultimate is a major electronic DJ concert downtown. Miami. It's huge. Trying to keep my daughter from going has been an issue but now she is graduating college early so it's not an issue anymore


My daughter said it's called ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL
So never mind. the colors in the car wash reminded me of what the younger generation does at their concerts

Esther Rachel

I think it is better when the service station
person takes care of your car.
Then one can relax, have a cup of coffee and
contemplate in the moment.


Ha ha ha..... David made you smell lavender! Ha ha ha! This was so fun to me! 馃ぃ You鈥檙e so crazy funny silly, Girl! Love you! 馃槝


Right, David! But I never went to those things, even before I made teshuva. I just didn't like the idea of them. Too many gross sweaty people bumping into each other. Yuck.


Thanks Tena!!! I'm so happy you enjoyed it!!


OMG Esther Rachel, I forgot those people even exist! I'm telling you, if I ever see one at a gas station here I'm going to be RUNNING to Jerusalem to greet the Mashiach. I meant DRIVING! ;)))

Esther Rachel

I believe Mashiach is here but not revealed.
Perhaps, we need to adjust our spiritual
lenses. See you in Jerusalem, soon!


Esther Rachel, AMEN SISTER!!

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