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If you ever see a person who is "religious" or looks "religious", yet fails to respect any other human being, then know full well that the disrespectful individual is light-years away from Hashem and His Torah.

My beloved and esteemed teacher Rabbi Shalom Arush, may Hashem bless him, once told me that Hashem spends most of His time forgiving people for the sins they commit against Him. Hashem's mercy is infinitely mind-boggling. But, Hashem absolutely does not forgive transgressions against fellow humans - no way!

In his own words, Rav Shalom says, "There are those who are apparently Torah-observant, yet they harm other people. These individuals live unpleasant and difficult lives. Hashem has enabled me to understand that those who live a good life are the ones who respect others. The better a person's character traits, the more he lives in harmony with his fellow human. Such a person earns the love of others and he lives a gratifying, quality life." Do yourself a big favor and read Rav Shalom's entire message about Respecting Others in this weeks exciting issue of Breslev Israel web magazine. 

Do you remember the ash cloud in Bali last week? The volcano is still threatening to blow. At any rate, seven years ago in 2010, an ash cloud from a volcano in Iceland closed down air traffic over all of Europe before it spread to the Middle East. Israel was in grave danger because it's warplanes were grounded. Just as Iran was poised to attack, Hashem did a fantastic miracle. Chanuka miracles are still with us today as you'll see in Israel's Victory, my EmunaNews article for this week.

You usually get your weekly fix of Racheli Reckles here on Tuesdays. Don't worry, G-d willing it's on the way. But, we get another intravenous from her today. For a little lady, she's a dynamite-laden dragon killer. She exposes lies and kills mistruths, writing about important yet controversial subjects that the politically correct don't want to touch with a ten-foot pole. She blows the horn this week on the horrible way modern liberal decadent society is teaching kids to question their genders. Don't miss Racheli's article, Gender Bender.

Would you like to see the diference between darkness and light? Tiferet Israel in her amazing article Tale of Two Printing Presses contrasts the way Rebbe Natan of Breslev osb"m used his printing press and the way Hugh Hefner used his.

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Enjoy, and have a splendid new week.


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