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Israel faces a serious dilemma. The media cites IDF statistics that rocket fire from Gaza has doubled this past year compared to the year before. One the one hand, Israel must convey a message of strength and deterrence. On the other hand, too much force can trigger another war. Another war is exactly what Iran wants, because as soon as unmitigated hostilities erupt on the Gaza front, Hezbollah will be tempted to open a second front in the north. There is no comparison between Hezbollah's massive fire power and Hamas's. Hashem has put Israel in check, in a situation where the Government has no idea what's best for the country and is at a total loss about what to do. 

Hashem, though, has the solution.

If you read last week's emuna news, you'll see that the welcomed rains in Israel coincided with the internal strife in Iran. Hashem was showing us that He has the solutions to two critical problems that Israel cannot solve on its own - the domestic water crisis and the threat from Iran.

Yet now, as we wish each other a blessed and healthy new week, both the rains in Israel and the anti-government protests in Iran have subsided. There has been no massive rush to tank Hashem and to come back to Him, so Hashem has gone back to "business as usual", hiding Himself behind the mask of nature and natural occurrence. The clear, rainless blue skies are back in Israel and so are the threats from Iran.

When will we ever learn? We can't do a thing without Hashem. Hashem doesn't need us to be "religious" - He wants us to be believers.

As believers, we know that our fate - especially here in the Land of Emuna - is in Hashem's hands. If we do our job, Hashem will do His; that was His message with the recent rains here and with the demonstrations in Iran. That is also His message with the constant threats on our borders.

So what is our job? For a starter, let's try prayer. What prayer? Let's try the Aleinu prayer - it's great for Knocking Down the Walls, as you can see in my feature article in this week's new issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

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Blessings for a fantastic new week!


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