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Rain in Israel and Reign in Iran

Ashdod 2 Jan
The above photo is what the exquisite Land of Israel's southern coast looked like yesterday right before sundown, as the rain-clouds yielded to a gorgeous golden sunset. Hashem is certainly the Master Artist.

This is emuna news, but it's not a mere weather forecast. The recent rains in Israel, breaking a terrible drought, coincided with the popular protests against the current tyrannical regime's reign in Iran. What does one have to do with the other?


In their stubbornness to admit weakness, our own leaders - despite efforts to desalinate sea water and even purchase bottled water from overseas - have reached the threshold of total futility in solving our country's water problems.

Similarly, despite the Defense Ministry, the IDF and Israel's intel services, we haven't been able to stop the rip tide of Iran's ever-expanding control of the Middle East, from their own country in the east to the Mediterranean in the west. Iran, either personally or by way of their proxies, maintain a presence along our entire northern borders.

In summary, Israel has no viable solution to its water crisis or to the threat from Iran.

Hashem does, though.

In 24 hours, over 2 inches of rain fell in Ashdod. This is more than 10% of our annual precipitation. While rain was quenching the thirst of Israel, the reign in Iran was learning that it's much less stable that it thought. If Hashem could take apart the entire USSR without firing a shot, He can easily dismantle the Ayatolla Republic and turn it into the Israel-friendly country that it used to be before 1979.

Hashem is showing us what He can do and is waiting for us with open arms to come back to Him. That's the message, in utter simplicity, of the rain and the reign.


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Ruth Fingerhut

I was sitting here amazed at Hashem's actions in Iran, like Purim and many other interventions, and I was not surprised that Rabbi Brody is putting it out there for us to comment on.


Thank you for posting that awesome photo.

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