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Shabbat's IAF Raid in Syria: an Emuna Debriefing

A Time for Unity

Emuna IDF
Things are heating up terribly on our borders. Must we wait for another war to break out before we cling together in unity?

The Jewish People resemble a body rather than a machine. Each one of its inseparable parts has a profound influence on the whole. When a Jew learns Torah with pure intent or does an act of kindness in Jerusalem, another Jew in Australia or Canada feels stirrings of spiritual stimulation that awaken him to his latent Judaism. In that way, the Jewish People resemble the holy menorah; sure, different arms project from the center, but they're all part of the whole and inseparable from it, just like appendages of the body. Yes, there are different types of Jews – Sephardim, Ashkenazim, Chassidic, Lithuanian, Charedi, national religious and secular – but they are all inseparable arms of the whole entity known as the Jewish People.

To this day, our leaders have difficulty creating Jewish Unity. So what does Hashem do? Every so often, He throws us into the fire of a war. During wartime, you can't imagine how all of Israel comes together as one. Let's not wait for that. Read the Secret of Jewish Unity, my feature article in this week's new issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

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