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Assad Again Uses Chemical Weapons Against Syrian Rebels

Chemical Attack Douma City  Syria
Firas Abdulla is a freelance photographer who took the above image; he lives in the still rebel-held stronghold of Douma City in Eastern Ghouta Province. Firas eye witnessed the recent chemical attack - chlorene gas - that the arch-villain Assad is using against his own people. Here's a Tweet from Firas:

Just survived with my family after a ground-to-ground missile was dropped by the terrorist army near my house on our neighborhood in in . 10 ground-to-ground missiles were dropped so far. 6 airstrikes & tens of mortars. We Safe Untill Other Notify...

Believe it - it's real. See more detailed evidence here.

What does this mean to us here in Israel? Despite what the world will tell you, we deeply care about the Syrian People and are doing everything we can to help them. Every day, IDF physicians are witnessing the horrors that Assad is committing against Syrian citizens. If that's the case, imagine what he'd do against Israel, if he only could.

Assad has a sinister dream that North Korea is actively helping him to fulfill: He wants to stage a massive chem attack on Israel's major cities and North Korea is helping him. North Korea is desperate for funds and is selling what it knows about building weapons of mass destruction in order to make a buck. Not only are they teaching Assad how to fry humanity's skin and lungs with gasses, but as Israeli Intel knows, they're actively trying to build a new atomic reactor in Quseir, Syria.

Israel now faces an acute triple threat in the north, from Iran, Hezbollah and Assad. Tension with Gaza in the south is as tight as a bowstring too.

So what do we do? And why are all these threats during the last of the Shovevim weeks, the weeks that are so specially conducive to enhancing personal holiness? The Torah says, For the L-rd thy G-d walks in the midst of your camp, to rescue you, and to subdue your enemies for you; therefore, your camp shall be holy; that He see no unseemly thing in you and turn away from you (Deuteronomy 23:15). This means that men's holy deportment and women's modesty guarantee the best defense of Israel - Divine defense. A man's improper conduct or a woman's immodesty chases away the Divine Presence, and is therefore the biggest threat against Israel, worse that Iran, Hezbollah and Assad combined. It's our task to draw the Divine Presence closer to us, not chase it away.


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Rabbi Brody
You probably do not remember me (I attend all your lectures when you are in Miami) but I once emailed you for a blessing as I had a client that manufactures cigarettes and I had two executed contracts for the sale of 4 containers per month to be shipped out of the Port of Miami. You responded that you could not bless this transaction as cigarettes are unhealthy etc. One of the contracts was for the Ukraine the other was for Mexico. Just as the cargo was being loaded to be shipped to the Ukraine the war between Russia and the Ukraine started and the contract was cancelled. On the contract for Mexico the containers were loaded and ready for shipping when the buyer (a sole proprietor) apparently smoked too many cigarettes and passed away. Contract cancelled. Your blessings or in this case non blessings are very powerful. As such, when you ask for modesty, which includes mental and physical aspects, in order for Hashem to protect Israel, I shall do this. So I keep my eyes lowered when taking the metro to work. I bring the Garden of Emuna with me everywhere I go so can keep the mind from wandering. And I am working on doing 5 of those perfect push-ups. It's not much but it's all I can think of doing to remain modest in the terms of your article. If you have any other suggestions on how remain in this mode I would be very happy to also do this.

Lazer Brody

Sure, I remember you, David! I pray for your success and parnassa and am waiting to hear good news from you. Every blessing, LB

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