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Emuna News: Hostilities Erupt on Northern Border

Before Shabbat, you heard on our Emuna News Roundup about the rising tensions in Israel's north. Today, they reached crescendo proportions.

Iran sent from its T4 base inside Syria an intel-gathering drone (unmanned aircraft) that violated Israel's airspace and was shot down in Israeli territory near Beit Shean on our Jordanian border. Israel retaliated with an attack on T4 and Syrian-Iranian missile, radar and communications systems.

One Israeli F16 was hit with a missile on its return to Israel. The plane crashed east of Haifa but both pilots parachuted to safety inside Israel. One is lightly wounded and the other is severely wounded, but out of life-danger, thanks to Hashem.

Meanwhile, things are quiet. May they continue so, amen.

Iranian Base T4 in Syria, where the drone was sent from:


The downed Iranian drone, outside of Beit Shean, Israel:


Summary of Shabbat (10 Feb) hostilities:

Events 10.2


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