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Tuesday, 06 February 2018


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My sister's super bowl party was to be my cheat day. But I couldn't. I ate some brisket and salad and rice and was suddenly full. Also I was my own designated driver as this year my family had exams had to study etc. So I had to drive and designated driver means no drinking not a little. Without a l'chaim after each score I wasn't hungry. Maybe drinking alcohol and I mean good alcohol increases the appetite. Either way BH SO HAPPY at 188 lbs
PS my sister lives at keystone point off biacayne blvd and 125 street


And, oh Racheli.... we love you more!!
Sweet post... thank you


Excess fructose consumption increases liver fat which causes insulin resistance in the liver which raises total insulin requirments raising it everywhere, so it indirectly makes things worse, so it's not the panacea some people claim. Sugar is also addictive as it messes with D2 (dopamine) receptors like anything addictive. There is a reason bears go on honey rampages fattening up in late summer/autumn as dopamine sensitivty crashes from declining light levels and high fructose (fruit/honey) consumption.


Exactly, The55, which is why I clearly stated not to do a cheat day more than once a week. Surely you don't consider one glass of grapefruit juice a week excessive, right??


Awww, Angela! I would love to give you a great big hug!!


David, I think you're another one of those monsters I created. Talk about superhuman willpower! There's no way I could get by with just brisket and salad, when there are tons of goodies to be had! You should be so proud of yourself!! And yes, I'm very familiar with Keystone Point! It's a beautiful area.


Hahahaha! Oh, girl! You’re SO funny!
Great info in this post. I will do the squats!
Last week was our intermittent fast beginning.
We fasted four days, 16 hours, and were fine! Still able to do everything as usual.
Today we start again. Will do four days, but I will fast 20 hours.
My Super Bowl cheat day gave me a horrible stomach ache!
Next time, I’ll be a little more conservative.
I’ve been researching a LOT lately about intermittent fasting and am shocked at how many incredible health benefits there are!
So far I haven’t seen any significant results, but I will not stop until I do.
Could it be because I eat clean and may not be as toxic as others? Hmmm...
Anyway, thank you again for all the excellent info and encouragement.
P.S. Hahahaha! David!!! 😂


Hey, Racheli, is this the Tena you know?


She done pretty good, sista! If you think this would embarrass her, of course you won't post it...but you know where you can email me and lemme know!

BTW, kindly tell R' Lazer: nice blog redesign!

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