Emuna News Roundup: Current Events and This Week's Torah Portion
Emuna News: Hostilities Erupt on Northern Border

The Consensus

Shavua Tov! Moshiach must be coming, any minute! Since when do the New York Times, Time Magazine, Atlantic Monthly and many left-leaning University professors agree with Rabbi Chaim Kanievski, the Vishnitzer Rebbe and Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef? What’s it all about? This shiur will show you how to be great...


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Mary Mandel

Thank you for this amazing shuir. What about having a smart phone and having it tagged by the organization tag? I have a smart phone but no internet no whats app... I even have the option of getting rid of text message. The only reason why I still have a smart phone is because I travel a lot and Waze helps me reach my destination a whole lot faster... So basically I have smart phone but nothing is on it besides calls, Waze and text message.... Is this acceptable to the Tzaddikim?

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