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A Pre-Passover Message from Rabbi Shalom Arush

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Cherished friends,

As the Passover holiday approaches, many worthy but needy families in Jerusalem have added worries: Barely able to feed their families, much less clothe them, they have no idea how they'll provide for the quickly approaching Passover. The heavy holiday expenses create hardships for many families who simply can't manage to purchase all their holiday needs; no one's at all talking about "enjoying" the holiday. They can barely afford to put wine and matza on the Passover table, so who can think about new shoes for the children? These are families who don't know if they'll have food on the table this coming Passover, and I wish I were exaggerating.
As the Rosh Yeshiva of Chut Shel Chesed and Director of Emuna Outreach, I feel that chesed - loving-kindness - is one of the most important mitzvoth there is; I'm sure that you agree with me. That's why I included the word chesed in the name of our yeshiva, to emphasize that helping our fellow human is a highest priority. The Torah says, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." "Flour for Passover" means to help the less fortunate of our Jewish brethren have a joyous Passover holiday by enabling them to have the necessary staples.
Rebbetzen Arush and I do our utmost to identify the needy families who are too embarrassed to request assistance, and to give them the needed foodstuffs and financial support. I am privileged and honored to offer you a share in this mitzva. This is a wonderful opportunity to join us in our annual Kimcha d'Piskha, or "Flour for Passover" Project.
Your donation to our "Emuna Outreach Kimcha d'Piskha Fund" will provide needy families in Israel with all their needs for Passover, including meat and poultry, wine, matzot, dry goods, fruit and vegetables. Donate to Emuna Outreach to make sure that these worthy families of sorely limited means will also be able to enjoy their Passover holiday. Your donation is US tax deductable.

May we all have a truly joyous holiday, amen!


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Why is it U S deductible, you are ostensibly collecting for Haredi families in Israel...shouldn't you be seeking donations locally with Israel tax receipts? I see plenty of ads in the Haredi paper Yetid Neeman for vacations abroad and investing in real estate both here and overseas. This is a rich country and charities should be collecting here not running abroad.

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