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Hashem Loves Me

If you feel down for some reason, watch the following 3-minute clip. It will pick you up. My gift to you today is a 3-word saying that you must tell yourself as soon as you sense the slightest bit of sadness or depression: Hashem Loves Me. It's true, and it kills the evil inclination. Enjoy.

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I just would like to post here with respect to the wig issue, that I am from Brazil and this is ONE example of someone who manufactor 200 wigs per months and exports to countries like the USA.

As you can read in the news article (use google translate) the owner of the business collect herself the hair and THERE ARE LOTS OF WOMEN IN BRAZIL SELLING THEIR HAIR. Granted much less than in India but poverty in Brazil is a big issue and people do sell their hair for money.

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