Rabbi Shalom Arush: Thank You for Everything
A Pre-Passover Message from Rabbi Shalom Arush

Honoring Faigy


Today is the death anniversary of Faigy, the mother of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev. 

Not much is written about her, except that she was also the granddaughter of the Baal Shem Tov, the founder of the Chassidic movement. She was also known to have prayed extensively at her grandfather's grave, both when she was pregnant and after she gave birth to Rebbe Nachman. She prayed for her son's success and greatness. Clearly her prayers were answered.

Rebbe Nachman asked that people refer to him as "Nachman the son of Faigy," because he understood that it was her prayers and dedication that helped make him who he is.

I chose this beautiful picture to point out how much power we have to influence another. (Let's focus on the good, okay?)

One woman brought down this tremendous light into the world, and his light has affected millions of people over the past 200 years. To me, these candles symbolize the souls that have been lit up through Rebbe Nachman's teachings. Mine's right there, with the extra high flame on the left side of the picture.

Just curious. Did you actually look for that candle??


By sharing the teachings of emuna, we are literally lighting up souls like my boys light oily cans of tuna on fire. Emuna makes the souls burn brightly, just like the toxic canola oil and firey tuna combo.

But I'll tell you one thing that flaming tuna can do that emuna can't.

It can make the stray neighborhood cats go insane.

Since I can't seem to get through a post without sneaking some nonsensical humor in there, I'll stop while I think I'm ahead. Just remember to light a candle for this righteous and holy woman, the one we should all thank for doing everything she could to make sure her son achieved greatness. 

Oh, and super cool! Today, March 6, is my son Nachman's sixth birthday! Honestly, I can't believe I actually remembered.

Talk about Divine providence! 

Does that make me extra super duper righteous? 

Today I plan to teach my Nachman how to refer to himself as "Nachman the son of Racheli." I kinda dig that!




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Last night March 6, 2018, Rabbi Brody spoke at Shul Young Israel in Pinecrest, Florida.
Fantastic and uplifting do not do justice the the lesson from his speech. I told some friends of mine to please attend and they were floored by how inspiring the talk was and they bought many books. Please let the Rabbi know how much it meant to Jews in S Dade County Florida that we count for something and his coming was great. Sorry your husband wasn't there so I could take a picture with him to show my sleek 24 lb weight loss thanks to you.

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