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I Got Grillz!


Can I get a "Awwww, yeahhhh!!"

After nearly SEVEN YEARS, I finally have a barbecue again! A BBQ! Check it - 48,000 BTU's in the house! I have no idea what BTU's are, but they sound pretty important. And I have 48,000 of them!

Like a fool I gave away my awesome BBQ grill when we made aliyah. I have absolutely no idea why. Could it be that:

a. I thought that I would never grill again. Ever.

b. I didn't think they sold propane tanks in Israel.

c. I was pregnant and packing the entire house all summer long while David was traveling around on his Breslev Israel honeymoon for nearly a month. Thus, I was not of sound mind. 

Well, can you imagine how disappointed I was to find out that:

a. People actually grill in Israel. Not only do they grill, but they grilllllll. They call it "Al Ha-esh" (on the fire) and it's a national past time. Israelis and Americans should have a grill-off. I really wonder who will win.

b. You can't just go anywhere and pick up a barbecue. There ain't no Home Depot on this side of the At-lantic. In fact, I vaguely recall seeing one store that carries it, and it's only in the summer and it's super crazy expensive. 

c. My best friend and fellow Breslev Israel writer and sixth degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Master Sunny Levi, who just gave birth to a delicious little baby boy last week, is NOT flying me out for the bris tomorrow. 

I tried to compromise by offering to have her buy me a Business Class ticket, but she gracefully declined. Then I offered Economy Plus, but the answer was a firm "no." Then I offered to take the last row, but she had stopped answering my What'sApp's by then. 

In any case, on behalf of myself, Rav Brody, and the entire family at Breslev Israel, I'd like to wish her a BIG Mazal Tov on making yet another cute baby! NOW GET BACK TO WORK, WOMAN!!

Speaking of work, I'm about to spend the better half of my afternoon building this overpriced, cheap Char Broil imitation grill with my kids. Yippee. Can't wait. 

But we're all super excited because since we've been in Israel we've only:

a. grilled on my grill pan, which is great if you love melting Teflon into your food every time you cook

b. used a cheap throwaway grill that's only meant for hot dogs or anything you can grill in five minutes or less

c. ordered Chinese food whenever I didn't feel like cooking 


Oh, and the best part about getting this grill? 

I took all of the kids with me last night to get it! Nothing calms my nerves more than a bunch of fighting, tired, and hungry kids who love to complain about why I'm dragging them everywhere, even though they would complain if I had left them home and gone by myself. You know those types of kids? 

And how did I think I was going to get this monstrosity of a box into my car? Logistics ain't my bag, baby.

What choice did I have? There were only two left and I didn't want to risk waiting until David would have time to come with me. 

So this whole experience reinforced the lesson that we must appreciate every little thing! 

Nothing should be taken for granted! Not barbecues, drive-thru car washes, all-you-can-eat buffets, and especially not Target, Walmart, and Costco. 

Oh, and Amazon. Seriously, who cares that they're taking over the world? They've got Prime shipping!!

And that's what counts. 

Have a great day!



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Messody Kadosh

Hey Racheli,
She got grillz, She got skillz She ain't payin no billz. (Ok it's just a play on words ). Anyhow I feel the same way when about internet shopping.Oh the agony and the ecstasy. (Sometimes irony) Got new pots for Passover some part of me can't wait to break them in (you know take them to the mikveh and cook delicious meals for my grateful family). Antother part of me says they are brand new you are going to ruin the new pot smell NOOOOOO. but in the end thank you hashem for the pots and for the purpose it serves.
I heard you have whats app so hook a sistah up !
Passover Samach.


Happy Pesach Racheli


Thanks so much, Mister! Happy Pesach to you too!


Daaang, Messody, I be lovin' ur rhymes! Send me an email with ur digits and we'll hook up! And whatchu be talkin' 'bout dat new pot smell? What pot u be smellin'??

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