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Ethics of the Fathers, 1 : The Chain of Tradition

#WeRemember - Holocaust Day, 12 April, 2018

LB #WeRemember
Lately, following the lead of the magpies in the so-called Palestinian Authority and in Iran, all the anti-Zionists anti-Semites of the world have given license to their mouths and to their pens to not only deny the Holocaust but deny all of the thousands of years of Jewish history in the Land of Israel. Most of my mother's family was murdered in the Holocaust - in Grodno ghetto, in Majdanek and in Auschwitz. My Mom, may Hashem bless her, is a Levite. Her ancestors sang in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. The Romans exiled us from the Land of Israel and our family migrated to Spain and later during the Spanish Inquisition, to Poland. Thank G-d, I was fortunate to return home to Israel 48 years ago in 1970. The above photo, taken in ancient Ashdod where Jews have lived for centuries, is my answer to the all the Holocaust and Land-of-Israel deniers. We'll never forget our history - it's in our veins. #WeRemember - period.

p.s.- Don't miss Racheli's post below. It's a must-read for today!


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F Callen


Esther Rachel

Thank you answered my question in my
ancestry. I had wondered how a shephardic
Rabbi would be buried in Warsaw.

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